Chest Pain q's.

  1. Chest Pain q's.

    So for the past 3 nights ive been semi waking up too a chest type of burn/pain. Ive been eating before i go too bed and it seems about 3 hours after im asleep i am getting this burn/pain. Now im wondering could it be that im hungry/heartburn/or something else? Some of yall know that i got sick a couple weeks after my cycle and lost about 5lbs, so now it seems like my body is rebounding and im hungry all the time, Im hoping this is what im feeling. Any suggestions? Its the left side of my chest and it only happens when im asleep, and i always eat before i go too bed.

    Oh yea im taking no supps right now.

  2. Sounds like burning of the heart brother..... try a tums.

  3. alright thanks, i will try that tonight if it happens.

  4. Also, sometimes when I eat quickly or a lot at once and then go to bed, I get what feels like gas bubbles that give me chest pain thats sometimes unbearable, so you might consider that too....

  5. Alright thanks, we will see what happens. It seemed alot stronger last night but maybe it was that hot ass fuago sauce i ate wit my eggs ! although it was late night it wasnt my last meal of the night. hmmm

  6. Depending on your age it could be a serious thing that shouldn't be overlooked. Contact your doctor if the pain persists especially if it is around your heart area...better be safe then sorry.


  7. I second that idea Aragron... been through that little bit of fun but it was better that worrying about it.



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