My new guy intro

  1. My new guy intro

    Just wanna say hey to everyone I'm the new guy just looking to gain info on supplements and stuff looks to be a very informative sight. and i believe in doin much research as possible before starting anything as I did before starting my Super One+ cycle and this sight looks like a great place to do some further research from some knowledgable people. about me:
    Im 30yr old been training for 8. Former USMC 0331 grunt machinegunner. Last job I had put me out on disability due to a head injury. so now all I do is train all day since i cant work. and the great thing is the insurance company paid for a years membership at this great gym i go to. I'm 511- 190 at 14% I know lots of work ahead of me but hell thats all i have time for now is to train.
    lookin foward to talking at ya all.

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury, welcome over and ask away - I think we now have the All Star Team of internet message a lot of good people today.....
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  3. Welcome bro...I'm a newbie to this site...been reading some and learning myself too.


  4. Welcome aboard to the both of you and ahppy hunting. Sorry to see that you are not able to work but you can still train. Hope you find what you are looking for. I have found a lot of great stuff here and more.

  5. Welcome.. Sttick around you are on the best site on the web.. hehehe. talk to ya..
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