AM Fantasy Football 2009

  1. AM Fantasy Football 2009

    Just wondering if you guys are up to kicking this thing off again this year. We would use ESPN, and make it a keeper league so we could make it an annual thing.

    What ya think?

  2. Yahoo is better....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    Yahoo is better....
    I agree!

  4. I agree on yahoo, and would be willing to give it a go

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  5. I agree with using yahoo. We did it last year and it was a blast.

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  6. it was not bad... I came in 3rd

  7. Yahoo league. I find for forums, keepers arent that great either.

  8. Definately in..................bumps for yahoo!

  9. i'll do it...let me know

  10. I'm down
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by TexasTitan View Post
    Yahoo league. I find for forums, keepers arent that great either.
    agreed on the yahoo, or maybe cbs sportsline. Didn't like the espn setup personally. Also agree about possilbly having some problems with a keeper league on a forum. Nonetheless, fantasy football is awesome.

  12. I would love to but they block it at

  13. Yahoo is definitely fine too. I am familiar with it also.

    So yahoo it is. We will make it a 12 man league.

    So yay or nay on the keepers?


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