Connecticut read within

  1. Connecticut read within

    Who's from CT?

    I have created "The Hartford Chapter of Anabolic Minds" Group. A regional group containing anything Connecticut related, happenings, events, news etc. I'm interested in getting to know more about my fellow gym rats in my region. If you're from this great state of Connecticut (and I say that with a grain of salt), the pleasure would be all mine in asking you to join and let us be heard.


  2. Im from CT im in the Northwestern part litchfield area in a somewhat small town.

  3. I am a state, oh so small away....Rhode Island..
    RIP Ryan, :(

  4. im from ct although im not living there now but i visit now and again

  5. Born and raised in CT (Waterbury.) I currently reside in florida though.

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  6. Talking

    live in CT vernon . im in.

  7. willimantic baby!

  8. CT's a nice place

  9. 203 here...the only area code in CT where Luda has hoes lol

  10. I"m in, Ct born and raised here. Living in the Griswold area


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