pull-up bar for the home...will it hold up?

  1. Question pull-up bar for the home...will it hold up?

    Hey dudes,

    I'm thinking of getting a chin-up bar that you install in the doorway. However, I feel like it's going to put too much pressure on the door frame or something. I just don't feel too confident about it holding up and not causing damage. (I only weigh about 150, btw.)

    Does anyone have experience with these things? I live in a newer house, and don't feel like they build houses as solid as they used to. The space between the door frame is about 27.5" in width.

    The one I'm looking into is Creative Fitness Door Gym.

    Thx for advice!

  2. Haven't used the creative fitness door gym, but I have the Iron Gym door one and it works great.
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  3. mikinTx
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    FWIW, I'm using a Iron Gym.. same type of thing, hangs from the door frame. I've been using it with my p90x program and doing a boatload of pull-ups for the past 9 weeks. Seems to hold up fine, door frame doesn't appear to be suffering at all.

  4. Yeah my iron gym is getting massive use out of it. I've got my whole office involved with my 100 day pull up challenge
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  5. I have no issue with my Iron Gym pull-up bar. With my size I was worried about the frame. No issues as of yet.

  6. I'm well over 200lbs...holds up just fine.

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  7. im around 200 and my iron gym holds up fine the leverage has it so as little stress goes on the doorway as possible.

  8. The Iron Gym Extreme is great, it has the add ons for an easier wide grip. I thought it might indent my wood door framing at first, but there have been no problems.


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