Just what an injury can cost you..........

  1. Just what an injury can cost you..........

    Ok, those who have seen a few of my posts on this board will know that I've had a bit of surgery done over the last few years.
    But what does something like this actually cost?

    A bit of background.

    Orthopaedic problems all my life. Dislocated hip when born, which wasn't seen - damaged the entire R leg.
    corrective surgery over many years, including lengthening R leg and shortening L. My joints are also hyper-mobile.

    This last lot:
    My knee has always been problematic; painful, crunchy, and the patella was way out of place (lateral and high)
    I had a couple of CT scans, which showed that the Right femur was actually twisted along it's length. The best way to imagine this is to stand upright, both feet straight forward, hip distance apart. Now imagine your hip/thigh being in the same position, but your knee & foot pointing inwards (toward the other foot) by 45 degrees!
    My patella decided it had had enough of this, and 3 years ago thought it would part company with the rest of my knee; every time I put my foot on the floot, the patella would dislocate - anyone who has had a dislocated patella knows how painful this is.
    After about 6 months, I had a bit of surgery to release the tendon/fascia on the lateral side of the patella, a few months later I had some more surgery - this time they cut the femur at a sharp angle along it's shaft, twisted the distal (knee end) portion outwards, and stretched it by 15mm.

    This, needless to say, didn't do my body-building much good.
    I'm no slouch on crutches -I've used them enough ! but this time it took it right out of me, what would normally take 10 minutes to walk, took 2 1/2 hours.
    To cut it short, I've hardly been able to use the gym for the last 3 years - a little here and there, then time off, a bit more surgery, and a little more.

    Getting to the point:
    Yes, there is a point to telling you all this!
    I came across a document from June 2000, which showed my weight as 174 pounds, with 14% bodyfat.
    I measured myself again today - 196lb, with around 22% bodyfat.
    This represents around a 17-18 lb increase in fat. The June 2000 figures weren't my best that year - I had around 5lb extra muscle just before my knee went.

    So now comes the re-building process.
    I need to lose around 25lb of body-fat. I also need to put on around 14 pounds of muscle. My right fibula is still busted from surgery 20 years ago, so that causes a few problems - mainly with the ability to do cardio work; but I'm going to crack on with it anyway. I'm waiting for my first lot of PHs to arrive from BDC, and am waiting for a reply on shipping costs for 6-OXO etc from 1-fast400.

    It's going to be interesting to see how I get on. This isn't simply a Body-building exercise in the normal sense, it's a recovery process.
    I'll keep you all posted on the progress.

    What is this to everyone else?
    Well, there's a couple of points.
    The first is: Don't give up. Always strive to improve.
    2: Be philisophical. Problems can be worked round, they just may take time.
    3: Try to keep injury free - we can't always control this, but when you can, do so. This means keeping strict form in the gym as much as anything.
    4: Keep the exercise going. Believe me, if I hadn't have been pretty strong, I'd be in a worse mess than I am now. I didn't mention it earlier, but around 13 years ago I injured my back at work; i wasinto lifting seriously at the time, and everyone agreed that if my muscles weren't so damn strong, I'd have been in a wheelchair - permanantly.
    5: Work hard for what you want - don't let me catch you wimping out! If I can squat, so can you
    6: Keep your life in balance - exercise and nutrition should be a part of your life - it helps us in many ways. Unless you intend to compete as an athlete though, it SHOULD NOT be your life - there's much more important stuff out there.

    Take care.

  2. Wow---- Very good post. Karma for you brother. Those lower leg malalignments are a true killer no matter what you want to do in life. A alto patella and a patella dislocation are almost unbearable pains to deal with. Great motivational post my friend and keep on keepin' on, YJ

  3. Thumbs up

    i just now came across your post and you have my utmost respect. good luck to you bro....you have no idea how much encouragenemt this is...hey...keep us posted on your progress...nuthin more inspiring than to see someone do well....

  4. You, my friend, epitomize HARDCORE!

  5. Originally posted by scotty2
    You, my friend, epitomize HARDCORE!
    You my friend are today's spelling bee champ! Congrats

  6. I humbly and graciously accept such an illustrious award.

  7. that is amazing, here I was ticked off about my calf but I couldnt imagine not being able to work out for three years - it really puts things in perspective
    Very inspirational post bro I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I also agree with Scotty HARDCORE


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