kidney/back pain

  1. kidney/back pain

    hey, i recently increased the weight on my squats (doing them in a smith right now until next week when i start at my other gym) and my left mid-back is always sore now. im not sure if its kidney pain or just back pain, but it never goes away and is really bothering me. any ideas on what this miught be? i thought it might be from the weight change, and the addition of lunges, but it is always on the left side and never the right so im not sure,and it was also happening a little before the weight can I tell if its my kidneys that are the problem or my back? its pretty much all the time now....

  2. The doctor will have to run some tests I do believe.. but don't fool around if you are having back me it will bite you in the ass

  3. what do you think it sounds like man? you think its serious, or I just need a new mattress lol

  4. My guess would be that it is muscle strain and rest is what you need.

  5. damn, i really dont want to have tests taken as I'm on m1t right now (pain started before I was on) and my doc is against all that and even creatine and has warned me about them before (even though i didnt really care if he liked them or not)

  6. Have you noticed any changes in your urine color or viscosity?

  7. not really, as Im drinking about a galon of water a day (or at least trying to) Im trying to get as much water to flush my system out as well as keep it hydrated. should I drink a normal amount and see if theres a difference in the color?

  8. No need. I would keep water intake up.

    Why do you feel it is kidney troubles and not back muscle problems?

  9. because its almost an internal ache instead of a strain feeling. you know how when you pull a muscle you can FEEL the muscle? this feels more like a deeper sore area or mass than that. it could be a sore muscle, i dont know, but the last time i did anything that would have pulled was on wednesday, and its been a constant pain, almost getting worse feeling

  10. In that case, I think a trip to the doctor may be best especially if you are getting worse.

  11. Thats what lower back pain (msucle pull) feels like. I get it all the time when I stress my back. Get a heating pad and use it 20min on/off and see if that helps. If not get one of those Hot Ice back pads. Its probably just muscle strain but if it continues and never seems to ease up, get it checked out. You might also want to get some Taurine or Potassium to help. The M1T isn't helping there either...
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  12. the last time i had lower back pain was from doing incline situps. it hurt so bad that it affected the movement of my left leg, preventing me from walking normally. i never thought back pain could make you limp. i stopped doing incline situps

  13. I get lower back pain from squats and leg press. I have not been able to avoid the pain, so I'm switching to leg extensions and hack squats on a machine. This has seemed to make my back pain go away.
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  14. I used to suffer from lower back pain from partial squats myself. Lately I've dropped the weight, worked extensively on stretching/flexibility and switched from slightly above parallel squats to full squats. My back has thanked me immensely, as I no longer suffer from any lower back pain whatsoever after a squat workout. It remains to be seen if that is still the case after I get back into heavier weights again (I dropped from 315 pound partials to currently performing 185 pound full squats) but I suspect I shouldn't suffer from too much back pain in the future if I stay true to good form from now on.

  15. Stay away from Smith machine squats. Just stick with leg press or hack squat if you don't have access to a squat rack. Smith squats are worse for your back & not very effective. I squat heavy every week & if I even squat 225 in a smith, my back will be all messed up. Its just a real ****ty position for your vertebrae.

    Also- I've always had some low back pain. I actually found that the deeper I squat, the less knee & back pain I get.

  16. its halfway up on the left.... about at my elbow if I were to hold my arms down at my sides

  17. ITs way to high for your kidneys (unless your not human). I thnk doing squats instead of machines is finally working some new muscles for you. I like hanging from the chinning bar to stretch out my back and spine before and after workouts.


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