Anybody on twitter?

  1. Anybody on twitter?

    I just started and have been getting into it a bit. It's basically a big comments section.

    Add me if you want; SimilisMachinae

  2. I am ZeroMasters. We need an official twitter thread going.

  3. right here..


  4. I just started playing with Twitter. I can see where it could be a useful tool.
    I have a blog outside of twitter. You can look for me as DEADn on there on Twitter.
    I wonder where Twitter will go in the future?

  5. what is twitter?

  6. IamSOFaking

    I asked the same question not long ago. The answer I was given was it was a place where you tell peope what you are doing at any given time during the day. Given that explanation it sounds STUPID.

    I tried it out and I found it to be an EXPERIENCE!

    Twitter allows you 140 character to post whatever you want to. You can also follow other people as well. For me instead of listening to other people ramble I have used some news sources and people I admire. I can find out what a certain person is thinking and find out news as it comes across.

    You can hook up with friends as well. I choose my following of other people carefully so I can 'learn' from it.

    Try it out for a few days and see what you think. It has its purpose, you just have to find it for you.

  7. I'm Steveoph, and Sam/Stryder is Sam Hong

  8. I'm wilsonb138
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  9. Anthonythemason Tweet Tweet said the Tweeter bird haha
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  10. Caferacer and Steve I tried to find you guys but couldn't.
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