Career Day!

  1. Career Day!

    After using this website to help educate myself on some weightlifting/nutrition tips i have learned so much in a little time-and i have to say i love this ****! Im currently a college student and out of all my classes this semester nutrition is the only one i cant wait to get to each week. I was originally planning on going into nursing but lately ive been thinking i love learning about nutrition/exercise so much why not get a degree in exercise science and go from there? Problem is i dont know of many jobs in this area and could def use some help. Ive done some research on and google but there doesnt seem to be alot of good paying careers in this field. (60k and up is good for me-not starting obviously). Since you guys all hold the jobs im probably looking to get into are there any careers out there I should look into in this field? Thanks guys i appreciate everything.

  2. Fitness is one of the biggest growing fields at the moment. People are learning that in this world, the only thing they truly own is themselves.(and with most people being idiots, that is debatable).

    Its a good field, I was thinking of after I get my BA in education, I was gona minor in fitness. And get a PT cert here in a few months anyways.

    Besides bro, its not all about the money. Imagine a job where you get paid o give advice on what you love, and to help others better themselves.

  3. u were going to be a nurse? good switch...Focker...

  4. do you know the type of money they make and the job security that comes along with it? come on big papa do some research

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