lord of the rings - return of the king

  1. lord of the rings - return of the king

    what did you guys think of the movie? IMO it was a bit too long for my liking and i had only seen the 1st and skipped the 2nd so maybe i didnt appreciate it as much as i could, i thought it was a bit corny aswell, i preffered the matrix triology but im deffinately going to read the LOTR book

  2. I prefer Lotr over Matrix. At least with lotr there aren't so many unanswered questions. Long...yes. It was pushing on too long. My friends that are obsessed with it and see it about 4 times in 2 weeks...I don't know how they can devote about 16 hrs to it.

    Corny? How? I thought it was the best out of the 3. Most action.

  3. I hope I will get to see it before it gets out of theaters.. hard to sit in those freakin theater seats with a damn back brace on..

  4. It was very good but a little drawn out as said. It needed to be however to wrap up all the parts covered in the book. Otherwise the book fanatics would have gone crazy and the director obviously had taken great measures to please these people most. I agree with wings, it was a little bit corny too.

  5. I'd like to see it but I couldn't sit in a theater for almost 4hrs. I'm going to wait to see it on DVD. I'm glad this actualy has an end. When part 2 came out I was like, cool I'll see what happens. Then the end was about like part 1....lol.

  6. Well I have read the books and I saw both parts 1 and 2, so far they have followed the books to my memory of what happend which was a good thing to me. It is a great story and I know that Pete Jackson has done a great job in taking these 3 large books and making a great movie set out of them.

  7. I was talking to my friend and since he is a fanatic of the series I asked him how long the extended edition was going to be. He told me about 5 hours. Which I then said he was bull ****ting me. But he said it came from Peter Jacksons mouth. 5 hours is way too god damn long. Watching it will be a whole day event.

  8. ***SPOILER***
    ****************************** ******
    I liked the books and ROTK was good but I didn't like the choices of the parts they decided to keep in the movie.
    For example, the Saruman scene at Isengard was not shown, instead theres alot of time dedicated to the hobbits instead of humans.
    THere are a few scenes which differ from the book like Anduril and Minas Tirith.

  9. I didn't care about the length really....it takes time to do something right I didn't find anything corny at all, just thought it was the ****

  10. man that movie pissed me off something fierce..because its the last one : ( .thought it was awesome might be the best trilogy ever and legolos and the dwarf cracked me up

  11. deffinately was a good movie but the ending was killing me. There was a good half hour that i thought the movie was going to end at every scene. i was ready to leave almost 5 times. I was happy to get it over wtih when it was all said and done

  12. I might devote a good 48hrs of my life to actually watching the trilogy, once Return of the King comes out on dvd..

    Just think how long The Hobbit could be if Peter Jackson decides to go ahead with production.. For those who enjoy just plain weird cinema, I suggest looking for his movie "Meet the Feebles", a film he did while in college.. Think 'The Muppet Show' with porn, drugs, and puke..

  13. actually he has said he will do the hobbit pete

  14. and king kong

  15. I loved all three movies though The Two Towers was my favourite of the trilogy.
    I didn't hear until from you guys that Jackson was also doing The Hobbit. Definitely excited about that too.

  16. That movie was amazing. It had 9 fake endings (if you've seen it, you know what I mean) which is about the only thing that pissed me off.

    That and the fact that the dead army was so damn good.

  17. Overall, I loved the movie and thought Jackson did an excellent job of trimming 12+ hours of reading down to 3 1/2 hours.

    I knew before hand that they changed the ending to save time, but the million end points bothered me because several dozen morons applauded at each of the suspected end points (for some unknown reason Californians feel the need to applaud than any other place I've ever lived).

    One change in the story that did bother me was in the book Aragorn did not enter Minas Tirith (sp?) prior to his coronation. That meant that the planning for the battle at the gates of Mordor should have taken place on the plains outside of Minas Tirith.


  18. Its California, home to Hollywood, home of the movies. Everyone there is a critic, so what did you expect?

  19. Off Topic: It's not just for excellent movies. Californians applaud at work, church, etc. under circumstances I've never encountered in the other places that I've lived. Just struck me as odd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tatortodd
    Overall, I loved the movie and thought Jackson did an excellent job of trimming 12+ hours of reading down to 3 1/2 hours.

    YES! LOTR series is classic literature that truly is in a league of its own. ALthough the last 30 minutes was anticlimactic and not totally "by the book" the finally installment lived up to it's billing. Although, I do think the better for Healm's Deep was the best fight of the series.

    Jackson did Tolkein proud!

    The Matrix series declined as the movies went on.It had alot of very odd sequences that were never explained and you often were left wondering what happened. The finale? Who knows. But I doubt I would see a 4th if they made it.

  21. actually there wasz a huge hoopla about the first matrix..seems they ripped off a comic write that writes a series called "invisibles"(his name is grant morrision..real high profile writer..writes movies and such also"..basically they ripped him off bad..he worsk for dc comics which is owned by time warner.i think the last 2 movies proved they had no idea where to go after the first just cluster phucks..c'mon walking transformers using bullets? but the guys on the ground had lasers..bad planning and writing

  22. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    c'mon walking transformers using bullets? but the guys on the ground had lasers..bad planning and writing
    oh yea, i didnt notice that, good point

  23. I liked LOTR better than the Matrix. The war scenes were freakin great. I think the series is a masterpiece. Only thing I criticize is that Liv Tyler didn't come out naked LOL.

  24. I didnt see Liv Tyler's nekkid breasts once, and thus, I cannot give this movie my full rating.


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