Animal's site---what happened?!

  1. Animal's site---what happened?!

    I tried logging into and its down...anyone know why or for how long?

  2. Yeah its been down for a while, they are having some issues, it has been hacked.

  3. hacked! ****ty deal

  4. if he would stop being such a dick maybe people wouldnt hack it lol

  5. Yeah but it's funny as **** to see him get on someone's case once in a while.

  6. I have mixed emotions about this board. Pro: it is cutting edge, they are always looking for the latest greatest supp. and do come up w/ some good ideas. Con: the attitude is stifling, the sit down and shut up routine gets old. Also, the board has a habit of overhyping things. My 2 cents.

  7. i agree...but you gotta admit...there are some pretty knowledgable people on that board and some pretty interesting threads as cycles on pennies!


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