Merry Christmas from your favorite board!!!

  1. Merry Christmas from you favorite board!!!

    On behalf of the ADMIN/MOD team, just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and safe New Year!

    Be safe guys, get your junk food in and RELAX! I know I will! I sure need it!
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  2. Happy Holidays you bunch of slack jawed, limp wristed, pillow bitin' queens!!!!

    I plan on eating till I puke, drinking till I puke, and then if the mood strikes me squatting till I puke............damn that's alot of puke, have a good one everyone!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jweave23
    I plan on eating till I puke, drinking till I puke, and then if the mood strikes me squatting till I puke
    eating till I puke... check

    drinking till I puke... hella check

    squatting at ALL... ain't gonna happen

    happy holidays folks

  4. Thanks guys. The same to you and yours.

  5. To another year in the gym.
    May the next one be bigger and better then ever.

    Merry Xmas and Happy Hanukkah to all you ladies.
    And for those of you like myself who tend to have the frequently chugged occasional social drink(s) to ring in the new year, forget about the "drink responsible" crap. Show so responsiblity in what you do after you drink. No pissing on cop cars or pukeing in public places (this goes for you two as well, Biggs and Weave.) No using the I was trashed excuse for waking up the day after with a hangover and an ugly new wife, And the most important one of all (the serious one) NO DRUNK DRIVING. Call a cab or a friend or parents or anybody that can get you home in one piece. We dont need the first post of the new year to be someones death notice or a court date for someones vehicular manslaughter charges.
    Thats a Happy new years.


  6. Happy Holidays to you all. Hope everyone's wishes come true and their family and themselve enjoy a safe and pleasant holidays

  7. Weave, Sage, db682, Happy Holidays guys......

    Thanks for all the good conversation fellas.....

  8. Major lurker here
    Just want to say Merry Xmas to all and thanks for all the great info ive gotten here,
    Keep it Hard and Keep it Safe
    Laterz Vibratorz

  9. Merry Christmas fella's. I couldn't believe it but it seems Santa left me some odd looking powders to experiment with hmmm Thank you Santa

  10. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Here, here, for a good board of bros, health, and everything that goes along with it. So nice to be a part of the best board around. Lets make it even better this year. And a special thanks to Chemo for starting and continuing such a great present as this board delivers.

    Yeah, I left santa some ALA and a couple thermos instead of the usual cookies and milk this year and it seemed to pay off!! LOL, lets bring in the new year right and eat that iron up fellas.

    May god be with you all....


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