Have a read and check out the link to the vid at the bottom. If this doesn't make you put out harder on your next workout then nothing will.

On February 12-13, 2008, a CrossFit HQ staff went to Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio, TX for a special Level 1 certification seminar. Members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from the Brooke Army Medical Center gathered to learn the basics of functional movement and how to scale for any starting point.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, elements of universal scalability are explored. Major Andrew Thompson USMC talks about real world application of what these soldiers are doing. They focus on what they can do, not on what they canít do.

Coach Glassman talks about using rehab as an opportunity to gain something that simply wouldnít have been possible had the injury never occurred. Itís about turning misfortune into fortune.

Link to the video -> http://library.crossfit.com/free/vid...calability.wmv

Link to the Crossfit Journal page -> The Warrior Spirit: Part 1 Infinite Scalability - CrossFit Journal