Just enjoyed my first venture out of the house

  1. Talking Just enjoyed my first venture out of the house

    Well I got to take my first ride outside of the house since my surgery. It was awesome, I have been inside this house for the last week and 1 day. Took a short drive up to my mother's house and visited with her and my brothers family. Just wanted to share my joy of life now..boring but a great feeling.

  2. Congrats Matt, Hope Recovery goes well and is a quick one. But dont get to lazy and forget where the gym is now.

    Good luck with everything and if you need something just ask. Ill do what I can with what Ive got.


  3. Glad your surgery went well and we all wish for a speedy recovery. real nice to see you in such a pleasant mood.
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    Your injury, surgery and recovery I'm sure is more debilitating than was mine. But when I ruptured my achilles last January, I think the most traumatic aspect of it was realization that I couldn't just walk across a snowy/icy parking lot like I normally did. It just wasn't something I would normally give any thought to. In Massachusetts anyway, Winter is the worst season to be debilitated. I quickly gained an appreciation for handicap access issues.

    And it's worse for guys who work out to the point where it's apparent to everyone. To go from being respected for one's physique to being a cripple, albeit temporarily, is quite a blow.

    Still, I'm sure you've been pounding the weights for years. In spite of the atrophy you're experiencing, many of your tendons are probably singing a hallalujiah chorus for the overdue rest they're now getting

    Once you're able to resume activity and training, your comeback will be quick and you'll no doubt be achieving new personal bests in 2004.

    It sounds like your car trip has lifted your spirits. So even if life sucks a little now with this injury, you've turned the corner and things will only get better for you with each passing week.

    Best of luck with your recovery.

  5. Recovery is going good. I will not be able to get back into the gym lifting for at least another 8 weeks are so. I know I won't be cleared for lifting till then. Then it will be light weights for another 2 months or more.. I am just trying to take it slow, so I don't ever have to do this again.. DG and Sage, I appreciate the offer and I might be hitting you guys up later for help.. I am just looking at this is a new starting spot, starting new training logs and everything. Just call me NOOB again

  6. PC you are right about a big humility check with a big injury.. with mine, getting into and out of bed is a major pain in the ass... So how is the tendon doing now, better than ever?
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    My achilles is about 80% Definately slower to recover than the pec major. With the pec avulsion, I had the go ahead to resume benching 6 months post op. By 9 months post op, I was beyond where I injured it (with the help of 1-T + 4-ad)

    The achilles is still 50% larger (swollen) than the other. It really surprised me that I did that, frankly. I was doing a fair amount of leg work including calf raises, and thought my legs were in good shape.

    I popped it by running a fast break and cutting hard off my left foot. I didn't even think it was a big deal insofar as putting a load on it, but my achilles did.......... avulsion during "maximal eccentric contraction", those 3 words now burned indellibly in my mind. it sucks getting old is all I can say.

    So between the pec major tendon avulsion and the achilles, my days of single rep maxes on the bench (or anything for that matter) and playing in basketball leagues is behind me. I was never an "elite" anything, but for a white guy, I could jump ! Disappointing, but that's life....... 2 tendon ruptures, both eyes had cataracts removed..........and geez, it's now Dec 21st. I turn 44 today.......

    now where in hell did I leave that damned geritol.....



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