Two More Ways to Support Our Troops

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    Two More Ways to Support Our Troops

    The first program is called "Operation Hero Miles" which is a program you can donate frequent flier miles to help Soldiers get home on leave. Why do soldiers need flights to get home on leave? The military flies the soldiers home (for emergency leave or R&R) to Germany or three airports in the United States, Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), or Atlanta (ATL) for free. After that, the financial burden is left up to the soldier to get from one of those airports to their home.

    The second program is called "Any Soldier". Any Soldier is a program that sends needed items to Soldiers in Iraq. The website has an extensive list of items needed by the Troops. The items are shipped to the Army Post Office in New York (APO AE 09347) so the shipping charges are for in the states only. The Army takes care of the rest. This could be a good school or Church project. One of the high value items that is sent "over there" are letters from children.


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    I sent some christmas cards over a while ago and some food.

    My cousin is being sent over to korea later so that will be interesting.

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