Hey Fellas Need A Huge Favor

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  1. Hey Fellas Need A Huge Favor

    whats up fellas help please...my wife entered a contest in DETROIT called "the breast christmas ever" winner recieving a free boob job from states top plastic surgeon...out of 2000+entries she made the final 10...so please click the link and vote for KARA C. its the bottom left pic.


    lets show them how our BB boards come together to "WHOOP ASS" thanks fellas!

  2. you didnt even have to point her out, she is the best looking one on there bro.... good job!!!!i also live in detroit.... f-in snow huh!!!

  3. thanks bro...yeah i hate this weather

  4. I got you! Looks like she's got a decent lead going.

  5. Bro, for a boob job, your iron brothas will have your back fo sure 35% of the votes so far.....

  6. shes got my vote!

  7. my vote too , let's rox this contest guys

  8. got my vote

  9. Go my vote Scope... hope she wins them

  10. you got it..... a respectable wish for any bro

  11. hey guys its looking like you best tell some friends to log on also, his wife is losing to some nasty looking thing

  12. I voted for your wife

  13. She got my vote

  14. There are some threads at BBC about this too. I voted from a link there. She's currently losing bro!

  15. I voted for her. Plus I posted it up on my forums to try to get my guys to vote to help ya out also.

    They say that they wanna see the results if she wins......hehehe

  16. i voted...she's got it in the bag

  17. I'm not sure but I think you can vote more than once. She's smoking everyone now 54%.

  18. yeah, nobodys really even close. shes got my vote bro

  19. Your wifey's gonna have the biggest hooters on the block bro

  20. She better have those boobs , the whole anabolicminds.com will vote for her !!

  21. another vote for Kara C. Enjoy.

  22. got my vote, be sure to send some updated pictures

  23. LoL on the updated pics, I agree wholeheartedly!
    She's got my vote as many times as I can submit it bro.

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  24. you guys wanna hear something funny, i was at work yesterday and a co worker had the same poll up, her sister inlaw is the val at the bottom of the page. i asked how she heard of it and she told me the whole story and said that this girl has been trying to call everyone to get on and vote for her. she asked me to vote for her sister inlaw and i told her no i was voting for the other girl and all of a forums website is voting........ she was pissed at me. oh well.............

  25. that's a crazy coincidence bro lol


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