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    Just wondering where all u huge mofos shop for clothing. My legs don't fit in jeans but waist does comfy. Shirts fit but I can definetly hulk it. And if I get the next size up its just too big or its comfy just doesn't look good (button downs).
    Any one got any advice

  2. To be honest... target.

    Button downs are a problem unless I roll up the sleeves. Otherwise for some reason french cuff shirts fit me arm length wise.

  3. I got a pair of lucky brand jeans for recently that I love. It's kinda stretchy in the upper leg/butt area. Extremely comfortable, I usually don't like jeans period.

  4. abercrobie has a muscle fit that fits perfect. my favorite button ups

  5. dude i feel the pain .. my waist fits a 33 or so but the glutes.. lets just say i gotta shake what momma gave me so i gotta wear a 36 if i want to sag comfortably
    ... and for shirts its not always where you go but what brand.. for example i like monarchy clothing and can wear L (a little tight now cause i was bulkin) but i try on a longsleeve monarchy t and an xl is like underarmor.. its weird bro
    just gotta try on different brands and find "your fit" dont even worry about labels like L XL or so.. if it fits, it fits
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  6. Thanks guys

  7. i have since quit buying cloths until i reach my target weight after my next cycle.

    goodwill has some rad tee's. i am picky about my pants though lucky jeans are the best.

  8. Do lucky jeans run big or small on the waiste compares to levi or gap ?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    Do lucky jeans run big or small on the waiste compares to levi or gap ?

    the waists fit me the best...i wear a 31 in dress pants but a 30 in lucky. they make some 'trendy' sh*t you can fit your tree trunks in and not look like a gang banger...go to a store called the buckle and have some hot chick help you. their BKE brand is good too!

  10. Express and Armani Exchange... only place where clothes especially jeans fit perfect.

  11. seriously search around online. heres what i do. i go to the store and see the clothes and styles that i like. then i go find it all online. like recently i wanted to buy some like affliction shirts and they only sell them in XXL. i tried them on and was like ok well a XXXL will fit perfectly. so i went and found it online...and for half the price. also for jeans...i only get them at like old navy. i hafta wear a size 40 pant with a 34/35 inch waist because my legs dont fit. but seriously look online

  12. Yea I definetly will but when u get pants that are so much bigger around the waiste then wear a belt it just don't look right. Do u get the waist pulled in then?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    Yea I definetly will but when u get pants that are so much bigger around the waiste then wear a belt it just don't look right. Do u get the waist pulled in then?

    no i just wear a belt and try to have my shirt hide the messed up stuff lol

  14. Old navy for comfort, baggy.

    Gap for nice fit (jeans)

  15. I am not huge by anymeans but my body proportions suck. I am 6ft3 and my arms are longer than a monkeys. Not only are they long but they respond very well to training and are rather large. During the winter I look fine with long sleeve shirts on but during the summer trying to find polos shirts with sleeves that go past my shoulders are a bear. The sleeves are always riding up and the only size shirt that fits my arms are a xxl but the problem is that it looks like im wearing a moo moo.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Old navy for comfort, baggy.

    Gap for nice fit (jeans)
    x2. old navy has great loose fitting jeans for very cheap. steve and barrys used to carry great stuff for people with odd proportions..but they went under..

  17. I was thinkin bout back in my elementry school days a pair of 42 inch wide kikwears lol or some jncos. But thos got ridiculous. Maybe I should get ufo pants haha. I'm gunna check all these out hopefully friday

  18. i rip all my pants and i mean everything at the crotch

    its becoming a serious money issue, and of course all my undies shredded at crotch too its starting to get sad

    i only wear bootcut jeans, i dont fit in most popular stores like american eagle etc, i got some ghetto company had to get a 1-3 sizes bigger jsut to make room for my legs and guys im by no means that big

    6ft 220 right now, im afraid to know what some dudes around here that was much bigger and run into issues, i dont know but we gotta find some stretchy bring jeans or some girl company gotta start making some guy sizes lol

  19. i say nutra makes a clothing line that tends to us!!!

  20. Zubaz. Thread over.
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