Out of Stock items?

  1. Out of Stock items?

    Just about to place a $300+ dollar order and noticed 3 items in my cart are out of stock.

    Can i place the order and these other items are shipped when in, or will i have to make a 2nd order later in the future? Would hate to have to miss out on free shipping...

    All that help, thanks! I love this place!

  2. You need to have all the items in stock to check out; Which 3 items are OOS? You can request that we add them manually and hold your order until they arrive, but depending on the product it may be a long time/even be a discontinued item!

  3. Both renegade products, and the ectasy shots. Ill problably have to just break it up and buy the others when they are in stock.

    Dont wanna buy anywhere else, simply because nutraplanet rocks!

  4. I don't think the Ecstasy shots will be in this week, from what I heard so it would be a long wait. I'd go for the order without them, and make a 2nd order for them in late March; we should be getting a larger supply of them.

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