The Bodybuilding Truth

  1. The Bodybuilding Truth

    anyone ever read this?

  2. I was reading off the site you sent. i don't know, sounds to me like they also may be trying to "just sell" something. The very thing they are accusing others of. It is an interesting aproach though. i have trouble beliving it is as simple as they say, or we would have heard about it multiple times before this point. They almost had me, then i startewd to read that they said nutrition really is not that important. I could not disagree more. I know nutrition makes a huge difference. It has helped transform my body several times for contests. My advice is this is fluff just like the rest of it. The old expression, "don't thro the baby out with the bath water," may apply. There may be SOME useful info. but be skeptical. If you get the book let us know how the reading goes. Thanks for the post.

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