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  1. New to forum

    New here and trying to figure out how everything works. Currently on cutting phase. 17% BF now, want 8-10% BF. First time this low and REALLY like how I look. Goal is to compete next summer. Any suggestions out there?

  2. welcome bro! if you need cutting help you will get more answers in the proper section.

  3. welcome, competing for fun you could work it out but i think it will be tough if you are trying to compete in one year to be serious on winning because starting at 17%bf will be tough esp at 136lbs. Take a look in the cutting section youll get alot of info there and get familiar with the search function up top

  4. Welcome aboard!

  5. welcome and wrong section go to cutting section and you will get help there man best of luck to ya

  6. Welcome and definitely check out all of the sub forums dedicated to certain aspects of trianing, supplementation and nutrition.


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