Saddam Hussein Has Been Captured

  1. Saddam Hussein Has Been Captured

    To all who has awaited this moment, it has arrived, saddam hussein has been captured in his own town in tikrit , it must be an orgasmic day for Bush. Time to lay the smack down

  2. PC1
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    A sad day for the whiny, sorry-ass democrats here in the US; one less thing to be able to bitch about. I'm sure they're nauseated, stewing in their own juice today.....

    But a truly great day for humanity.

  3. HAH - look at the focker
  4. Power Nutrition
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    Hiding like a little bitch in a hole.

    Good job to the American forces who didn't give up on finding this piece of ****.

  5. im only hoping that will stop most of the killing of our troops over there, as a member of the army it kills me everyday hearing of one of our brothers dying for a bunch of idiots. we are due to deploy sometime early next year and im hoping with this capture that will get our troops home soon.

    i have been dying to get deployed overseas since the first gulf but now im expecting my first baby and i want to be there for him. they are talking we may get deployed the month he is born.

    it gave me chills this morning hearing this and made me so proud of our guys that are there now. i only hope that when everyone finally get home they will be greeted like jessica lynch (our so called hero of the gulf war......... makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!)

    take care bros

  6. It's a good day to be an American and a republican!

    Thanks to all of the American forces who made this happen!

    Now all I want for Christmas is Bind Laden's head on a platter.

  7. I think with the triumph they made today, a lot of thing can improve in finding bin laden.

  8. PC1, You hit the nail on the head!
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  9. I think they really captured Ron Jeremy...

  10. LMAO, I defitantely see the resemblance (spelling?)

  11. Yes just wait for the left wing to discount this in one way or another, Johnn Kerry has already started but **** him nobody cares and he will definitely not win any presidency. Now that this happened and the DOW broke 10k this week for the first time since i was in college, i see no problems with Bush getting reelected.

    Heh, Saddam looks like Castro sorta in some pics i've seen.

    HEY does anyone find it odd that this guy is giving money to the wackos in the Gaza strip to fight Israelis and promoting martydom, BUT when they find his ass he is burrowed up in a underground tunnel, ARMED, and doesn't even put up a fight or commit suicide? I know this isn't gonna stop the war or anything b/c hell i'm sure alot of the rebels there aren't even Iraqis, but maybe it will make some of those idiots stop and realize that their leader bowed out so why should they keep fighting?.
  12. PC1
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    I understand from media accounts, maybe for their liberal purpose of discounting the impact of his capture, that he has been functioning largely as more of a figurehead in the past year or so...... writing romance novels? Romance Novels? Soddomizer Hussein writing romance novels?!

    Sadly, we're dealing with barbarians who just don't share the same values we do. They must be a wretchedly unhappy race of people. How else do these ****ing "holy" Mullah's convince their young men and women to blow up themselves and as many Americans and Israelis as they can? The promise of 73 hairy smelly fat islamic virgins can only go so far.

    Good-guye28.... God bless you buddy. Best of luck to you and all other brave americans who are travelling to that middle-eastern hell hole. I hope and pray our troops will be able to wrap all this up so you won't have to go. But if you do, God bless you and your family. Be safe.

    Imagine Soddomizer Hussein, having been served as a god while in power, living in some of the most oppulent palaces built off the money, backs and bodies of his own countrymen. Now he's been reduced and humiliated into living in a rat hole for the past several months. Being shown on tv, and I HOPE ON ****ING AL-JEZEERA, having his head scoured for lice, and his mouth probed by a US army doctor like a little kid being checked for strep throat.....How long and hard he has fallen.

    How many hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis have been dug up so far in mass graves? Remember also the photos we've seen of people he and his sons and cronies have tortured to death. Horrible, just horrible deaths. Burned, raped, electrocuted, dipped in vats of acid..............

    Clearly one of the most dispiccable humans in history. I only pray that some of his baathist fedayeen buddies aren't able to spring him from whatever ****ehole cage he's being locked in before he's sentenced and executed.

    Can even the most staunch anti-death penalty advocate really believe in their heart of hearts that this scum deserves even 1 more breath of the air we all breathe? If so, they're utterly hopeless.

  13. so much for him killing himself rather than being capture..friggin coward in u like dat o loyal followers of saddam

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