What would YOU do.....?

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    What would YOU do.....?

    This happened to me this evening. Don't think about it too much because it's one of those situations that happen quickly and you don't get much of a chance to think about it.

    What would you have done if you were me?

    I pulled into the local convenience store to gas up. About 8 other cars had the same idea. Today was a long day, I spent the morning taking a state certification exam, so my brain was pretty much mush when this happened.

    There was 1 pump open. But to get to it, I had to pull my car around the front and backed in so I could fill up. As I'm getting out of the car, the guy behind me honks his horn. Like I said, I wasn't really paying attention because I was drained but he was finished and wanted to get out of there. He opens his door and says, "you're not going to move are you?" Ok, I got it now. But I also knew that if I pulled forward, chances are I'm going to lose my place at the pump cuz it's so busy right now. I looked behind him, saw another car behind him waiting with it's driver in it and the car running. I said to him, "Hold on". I walk past him, get the 3rd car's attention and said "Would you please back up for a second so that this guy can get out?"

    This guy in the 3rd car muttered something, didn't seem too happy about it, but put his car in reverse to let the truck behind me get out. Easy enough fixed, I thought.

    As I walked back to my car the guy in the truck behind me rolls down his window and says "You're a real dickhead" and starts to back up his truck. By the time he puts his truck in forward I'm now only about 5 feet in front of him and he's looking right at me.

    I raise my first finger (not middle and stop him. I walk over to his door and said "I help you get out of here and I'm the dickhead?!"

    He drives past me shouting, "YEAH, YOU'RE A REAL ****ING DICKHEAD" in front of about, 8-10 people.

    At that point, he's still in the parking lot and my blood is boiling ..... no doubt this fat rude **** needs a lesson in manners.

    So.... what do you do?
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  2. The world is full of good people with a few real arses mixed in, but during the holidays the scales seem to tilt towards the arse side.

    I say 'let it go'...you were in the right and truck guy is an idiot. The problem one runs into when dealing with these situations is you forget that pummeling the guy will only provide so much satisfaction, but the possibility of injurying yourself or an arrest can last a lifetime.

    I used to bartend during my college years and have seen a few to many people hurt themselves and/or get arrested for the stupidity of a moments action.

    I used have a touch of issues dealing with anger induced situations like the one you mentioned, but I've learned to deal with it...hey I've got a family that depends on me and 'idiot truck guy' probably does too.

  3. Let it go. Tell him Merry Christmas and to have a nice day. You *know* you were in the right, so leave it at that. People like that aren't worth your time or enegry, because you're never going to convince him that you're not a dickhead. Plus, if his ego is fragile, he may take a swing at you, and street fighting is just not worth the consequences.

  4. Accept the fact the 99.9% of the people in the world are complete morons. Thank God you have us .1% here to help stear you straight
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  5. I curse at everyone regardless, just put that ****er on the list. My driving days are coming to an end, too stressful.

  6. Personally, i tend to snap when that stuff happens, but i'm definately not in the "right" for doing so. TRY to let it go, if it's someone who's like 10-20 years older then me then i just tell em to fuk off, but when they are about my age it usually ends up in a physical altercation. Young kids are just stupid

  7. Originally posted by scotty2
    I curse at everyone regardless, just put that ****er on the list.
    Put em on the list haha, that's good ****
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    Originally posted by Bobo
    Accept the fact the 99.9% of the people in the world are complete morons. Thank God you have us .1% here to help stear you straight
    AMEN to that Bobo You guys ARE the .1%. I'll tell you how I handled it in a few days or so, I was curious about how the guys around here would have handled it.

    Given the quality of the tried and true regular guys in here, it doesn't surprise me that calmer heads prevail.

    Thanks for everything you guys do.


  9. I do not tolerate bull**** from people like that, period. If I do, then I have gone out of my way to compensate for someone's idiocy, which I do not do. It seems to get especially bad during the holiday season when people do the opposite of what they're supposed to do, and turn into complete *******s. I, on the other hand, am not an ******* unless provoked, otherwise I'm a nice guy.
    I would have put the guy in his place by getting in his face and getting pretty rowdy, which is usually enough to shut someone up (when you're bigger than them at least).

    I ran into a guy at Toys R Us while picking up a gift the other day who didn't take a liking to me not saying "excuse me" when his wife rammed into me. Needless to say I told him to **** off, and that if he wanted to make something of it, we could take it out back. He shut up, and his wife made a priceless face. Never let the idiots win..

  10. I know it's hard, but just let it go. I usually have to work to hold myself back. I've used some curb side justice in the past. I've always been told to "kill 'em with kindness". I just have a hard time with it. My list is getting longer by the week.

    And...you never know what may have come of it if you had taken it further. A lot of nuts with guns out there, and all it takes is that one time. It also seems that it's the "Responder", rather than the "Instigator" that ends up getting it the worst.

  11. I usually just laugh at stuff like that, I can't help it. The fact that someone has to be that much of a crazy ******* just makes me curious, then I laugh I guess because they have just made themselves out to be an ass in front of about 8-10 other people. Other than that, cursing him out back always works

  12. ah, road rage, just another one life's little gifts.

    Yeah, when I was a little younger, I would've gotten in the dudes face and prolly came to blows, but thats when I was an assshole too.

    I agree with most here and just take a deep breath and laugh like a hyena at him if it was just a little dumb dispute like that.

    Dumb, pointless, disputes like that I could care less about. But when it comes down to money, friendship, downright low-life actions, etc, I'm not able to keep from losing it most of the time. Eventhough sometimes I wish I could have.

  13. 2 ways to deal with it, on-cycle and off-cycle:

    On-cycle: You follow him to wherever he goes, hopefully his job or home and proceed to beat him down hopefully in front of his family or co-workers so that for the rest of his life he will have to live with the humilation

    Off-cycle: Let it go

    This is a joke. Good job holding your temper, I don't know if I could have.

  14. PC1 - just take solace knowing that, if you had hit him, you would have put him in the hospital for weeks! I have a similar story Id like to share:

    Those of you in the northeast remember the snowstorm we got on Christmas Day last year. Where I am something like 26" of snow accumulated, it was ridiculous. Anyway, my brother had to come pick my girl up so we could make it to my parent's house for Christmas dinner (they only live 10 minutes away, but the city was in a state of emergency and none of the roads were plowed) He drives a big ass F250 Diesel 4x4, so he took a chance and came across town to get us.
    There were cars stuck in snowbanks all over the place, in fact we couldnt get down my parent's street because there were like 6 cars stuck in the snow. We figured 'what the hell - its Christmas! And spent the next 3 hours helping people get their cars freed up so they could make it to whereever we were going for the holidays. We met up with another guy with a big ass truck with a plow on it who got stuck, we helped tow him free and then he joined our small group in trying to clear up that small section of the city.
    To make a long story short, after we had pulled about 15 cars out, plowed and shoveled 3 streets and numerous driveways to the delight and relief of many people, we were all standing in the road taking a breather. There was a truck parked 20 feet or so behind us, that had been there for about 30 minutes. I figured it must have had a woman or an old person at the wheel, any one else would have surely lent a hand after seeing the work we were doing.
    As we were getting ready to make the trek to my Mom and Dad's, this guy that looked to be in his late 30's walks up to me. He was visibly out of shape, balding, but definately capable of at least a little patience if anything. I went up to shake his hand, half-expecting that he was comming to thank us for clearing the street so that he could get through. He had been watching us tow cars and help people out for the past half hour. Instead he says, in a definately snotty tone:

    "You know, I really have to get somewhere, and you guys are just standing in the street. When are you going to fu*king move?"

    I looked at him in disbelief!! And then, the list of choices flashed in my brain. I wanted to give him a beating to last a lifetime!! And I could have, too. No one around, snow falling like crazy, it was a genuine moment for a pristine Christmas ass whoopin'. But, I thought better of it. I figured 'What the hell, its Christmas'

    I was waiting tables at the time, and that spring that same motherfu*ker came in to eat with his family. And wouldnt you know it, I was his server. And he was an ******* to his wife and kids too.

    Oh well, people are *******s. There's a lot of them, and they are going to cross paths with you at one time or another. I really think its just better to rise above, even though you end up kicking yourself for weeks for not whipping their asses like you know they deserve.


  15. I say knock his **** off

  16. Originally posted by BigVrunga
    I was waiting tables at the time, and that spring that same motherfu*ker came in to eat with his family. And wouldnt you know it, I was his server. And he was an ******* to his wife and kids too.
    I bet some devious thoughts came to mind when you were all alone with his food

  17. Did he get a generous helping of flu-season mucous?

  18. I can't answer rationally, I'm on tren right now...


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