Any of you guys into Muscle Cars/Bikes?

  1. Any of you guys into Muscle Cars/Bikes?

    Figured I'd ask since I am I have a modified 2001 LS1 WS6 and also a 2000 Ninja ZX7R. I race both at the track and sometimes on the street

    Anyways would like to know what some of you drive. Attached are some pics of my T/A....

  2. Keep up the good work Bro!
    You can never have too much muscle.

    I'm building a 1965 GTO. Maybe I'll post some pics later.

  3. M6 WS6 Trans Am here! VERY modded... I also have a zx7 with a 9r engine in it and an R1

  4. Forgot to say, you have great choice in vehicles,

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Crow Magnum
    Forgot to say, you have great choice in vehicles,
    02 Mustang GT coupe here with plenty of mods!

  6. Daily driver is 2002 MB CLK55 - 376lbs of torque, 342hp - quite muscular and turns the heads...

    I am in the process of building a 1970 Dodge Challanger with a 440.

  7. i drive a 95 Eclipse GSX, had it VERY modded and beating most on the street, but the reliability issue came up way too much...

    now i own an r1 and can't wait to hit the streets this spring...


  8. I have a 1989 Yamaha RZ 350 but she aint stock anymore. Its been bored out to a 404cc and has nitrous capable of over 300kms but haven't taken it there scares the **** out of me. Right now its getting a complete work over new paint. I will have pics in the spring for you guys.

  9. Here is a pic of my WS6 on Fikse's. Spec III clutch, Powerdyne blower, Kooks stainless headers

  10. i have a 95 mustang gt convertible with a couple of mods. My dad has a 1970 Dodge challenger with a 440 and a 68 el camino with a 327. So yeh i'm into muscle cars!

  11. just bought a 2004 grand prix gtp with the comp. package.... lovin this car!!!! white and the windows are blacked out........


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