Having a hard time keeping it up!

  1. Unhappy Having a hard time keeping it up!

    I don't know if it's mental, or whatever it may be..maybe my lack of sleep as of late (lil bit of insomnia)

    If i'm sexing a girl, i have no problem getting hard for a bj, but about halfway thru penetration, i go limp. I end up laying there, and in a while i can go again. It really sucks, because i cant stay hard as i want. It's like i just lose my sex drive, or it's all mental. Maybe my libido is shot because i dont sleep good anymore

    maybe i'm just thinking too much.

  2. Definitely sounds like a hormonal issue. Get the sleep improved, and perhaps look into getting some bloodwork done. After that, there's some supplements we can suggest but do those 2 things first if possible.

  3. Lack of sleep will do this to you. And if it happens once, it'll hurt your confidence for a long time. We have kids and I use ear plugs when doing it, because if I hear any noise at all, I'm done. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. But at least it works for me.
  4. Cool

    Scrilla, man definately get you some rest/sleep. Lack of will make Cecil soft. Also try taking a multi and cut back on your caffine intake (if any) because thats a Cecil killer too. Try not to stress on it so much but I know it's difficult not to. You may want to go and get a physical just to make sure you are not developing a real blood flow issue. A healthy change in diet can help as well. After you rule out the health issue, just look at your lady and tell yourself that you are going to beat that thing up! NO Distractions.


  5. Blood pressure? stay away from stims and alcohol

  6. Get some cialis.


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