i hate Walnuts

  1. i hate Walnuts

    can't f***ing stand them.

    They're packed with the good stuff but taste like crap.
    Anyone know how i can make these damn things taste less terrible?

  2. throw the following in a blender and mix into a paste:

    1 cup walnuts
    1 can drained chick peas
    juice of two lemons
    1 tsp tamerind
    1 tsp turmeric
    1 x handfull chopped parlsey
    2-3 tbsp olive oil
    ***as much fresh garlic as you can handle***
    100g fresh feta cheese

    Macros: WHo Gives a F*ck???

    Eat on rice crackers or pita bread

  3. damn, wat does that taste like?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BoyFromAus View Post
    damn, wat does that taste like?
    you will cum in your panties

    . . . and who said vegetarian dishes had to be bland?

  5. haha aiight. cheers for the recipe.. ima try it out when i stop being a lazy c*nt

  6. Make spiced nuts.
    I use chipolte spice, white pepper, a lil sage, tiny amount of clove powder, lemon pepper, smoked paprika and put it into a bowl.
    Spread the nuts on a pan. pop em in the oven at 350 for about 10 min or so.
    After the nuts are done I brush them really lightly w/ olive oil then toss the nuts in the spices. Tasty.
    You can play around w the spice but I like a crapload of flavors.


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