Anybody ever have this?

  1. Anybody ever have this?

    When I stretch or anything like it, my chest/sternum pops? Has anybody here ever had that?

  2. i've had it happen in wrestling before when i like try to put both elbows as far back behind me as i can then POP. not often, but at times

  3. I have it every so often, but lately it is everyday, and a lot.

  4. BigVrunda has a similar thread on here about his sternum popping.


  5. Do yuo know where it was. I mean like what forum?

  6. I found it thanks, yep I am heavy into dips. Oh well I ain't going to stop doing them.

  7. i have the same thing just a small pop in the sternum when i pull my shoulder blades back. its not painful in any way but its almost like cracking your knuckles. weird

  8. Thought I was the only one. It doesn't happen to me much anymore though.

  9. I've had this happen to me for years. At first it freaked me out. I had no pain, just the popping in the sternum when I would do dips or ncline bench. It eventually went away, but after a few lay-offs from lifting, it would always come back. A doc told told me it is very normal, that its an over-abudance of cartilage in the sterum that separates. He said some people have, some don't, and to not worry about it as long as it wasn't painfull.

    Just some 411 on my experience with it.

  10. Hey guys - just noticed this thread. If you dont have any pain with the sternum popping, then I would say to ease off the exercise that brings it on for a while and not to worry to much. If you have ANY pain in the sternum area, then STOP. I am in the final stages of recovering from what turned out to be an injured chest tendon. Talk about an injury that SUCKS. I tried to work around it, and I just ended up with symptoms of overtraining. My rotator cuffs went out (starting popping/clicking like crazy), my knees started to hurt. I felt like **** in general for over a month. I havent benched any real weight in over 3 months. I havent even trained chest at all for more than 2. The healing process for a tendon injury is long and annoying to say the least!

    Im going to update that old thread of follow up there if you're interested.



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