Thread for all you guys that came on here between 15-18 wantin to do roids

  1. Thread for all you guys that came on here between 15-18 wantin to do roids

    Hey guys, was just sittin here lookin through some old posts of when i joined AM with the hopes of gettin info about roids, designers, prohormones, and pct. Just thought itd be interesting to see how many people were like me when they joined( I'd venture to bet quite a few lol) and what happened after they joined and how everything has ended for them. just thought itd be a good topic, and also be beneficial for incoming kids to read about our experiences.

  2. I didn't originally start coming here to look up stuff about steroids but it was just something that was interesting to me so I'd give it a glance here and there and read up a bit.
    Anyways, its really hard to be natural these days. All of the people who are my age that I work-out with have at least done 1 cycle. Whether it be some sort of Test or something like Anavar. There is pressure at the gym to start because its everywhere.
    Decided to do a cycle of Epistane, not gonna lie. It was a bad and a good decision at the same time. You definitely learn whether your ready or not right away. Glad I got it over with and now I'm gonna stay off it till I'm at least 22-23. Trust me its not worth it.

  3. My first thread was about wanting to do steriods because I couldnt gain any weight at 135 or 140. Gosh I was so stupid. I look back now and laugh at myself. I had no idea what I was talking about but yet i wasnt a teen i was 24 years old. lol.

  4. Though a great idea, Panther, I highly doubt any new-comers will take the time to read this thread. For the vast majority of New Posters, it seems the Search Function fails them. I am glad, however, that several people that I had to privilege of arguing with months ago about under aged AAS/PH use are now self-enlightened and are contributing to this board in a positive way. Natural selection on the Web... how cute.

    Kudos to all that educate themselves and help others.

  5. ya i was pry one of them that you talked out of it lol but ya i just thought MAYBE there would be a chance that someone would read it... and hell, if one does then i guess it was worth my time. Im SO glad i was talked to before i did what i was plannin on doin.
    (Tren-Xtreme, Phera-Phlex, and Epistane with a PCT of novedex xt, 6-Oxo, and Jungle warfare... the jungle warfare def being the most intelligent aspect of the whole stack hahahaha not)

  6. Yes, Panther, you were one of the people whom I was referring to.
    Like I said, kudos for listening to some of us.

  7. Well thank you for the advice and persisting as opposed to say F that lil bastard and lettin me go ahead with it

  8. haah me. Was going to run Anadrol like an idiot. That was like idk a few weeks ago.

  9. haha ya, i saw some of your posts. Pry a good thing you didnt lol


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