whey portein farts are horrible

  1. whey portein farts are horrible

    i can clear out a whole room for half an hour everytime i fart from a protein shake. nothing compares to its stench.

  2. protein farts are a dangerous thing, you can always tell the guy who drinks a lot of the stuff, because he stinks like ass most of the time

  3. Try some dessicated liver tabs...

  4. I'll have to try that, thanks

  5. Quote Originally Posted by livebono View Post
    I'll have to try that, thanks
    Lol no, it doesn't help with protein farts, it just causes the most vile smelling gas you can imagine.

  6. Right, I get a certain sick pleasure out of being the smelliest SOB in the room sometimes, I've just accepted that I will fart a lot because of protein, and they will stink, so why not have them REALLY stink, lol

  7. my protein farts are only horrible for those around me

  8. GUT Health helped me a lot with the nasty ass gas problem.


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