1. Olympia

    Anyone know the placings (1-10) for this event that took place last night (10.19.02)? The tape ran out and did not get to see final placings. Thanks. Comments on the pkacings?

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    I went over to BB.com and lifted this off one of the threads on the subject
    10.Dennis James
    9. Orville Burke
    8. Markus Ruhl
    7. Flex Wheeler
    6: Lee Priest
    5: Gunter Schlierkamp
    4: Dexter Jackson
    3: Chris Cormier
    2: Kevin Levrone
    1: Ronnie Coleman

  3. wow, I cant believ flex did that bad...are you sure that is right? King kamali isn't even in the top ten...my buddy said he made the top six.

  4. my bad, looks like you were right. i just can't believe it.

  5. I know I was the same way.. I saw the pictures of Flex the other day.. and I was thinking D*** he is looking good... I would have loved to see some pictures of Preist

  6. yessssssss

    Gunter is the man for coming in at 5th. He gives all tall people (like me) inspiration. It is so much harder to get huge if you are tall. Go Gunter!


  7. yeah 6'1" 300lbs. ripped!!! Anyone know when the "O" will be re-broadcasted on regular cable? Time/date/channel...thanks.

  8. Damn, I was hoping Cormier would take second place. Since we all know Coleman wasnt giong to lose.



  9. Check the link:


    Results and pics...
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  10. I just got done watching the Olympia on tape. i must say that Flex looked way better then 7th place. The announcers said something interesting about him. He has been chemically free for the past two years and has the paper work to prove it. That being said, he looked amazing. It will be interesting to see how he looks at the GNC Pro.

  11. anyone know if the GNC pro is going to be aired on television?

  12. wooohoo www.ppv.com rebroadcast ... ill tape it this time, i forgot to.

    well fellas im so excited, just bought my ticket to the gnc pro show, its in new orleans and guess where i live, new orleans !

    lucky me eh ? i cant wait, 1st big show ive ever been to.

    heres info on rebroadcast http://www.ppv.com/moviesandevents/v...=2&prod****6618

    they did it 4 more times, last one will be thursday, 10-30-02, at 7pm eastern on ppv.


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