Muscle Spasm's

  1. Muscle Spasm's

    Anyone found a good remedy for relieving muscle spasm. I get wicked ones in my neck and in my shoulders. I got one this morning clearing my sinuses in bed. MAN, they are extremely uncomfortable and can be painful. anyone find a quick fix, lol

  2. Wow! Don't i feel isolated and alone

  3. dude after i max i have crasy spasms in mi leggs and back

  4. Yeah, I've been down that road before. This more like when you feel like you have pulled a muscle in your neck and it takes your breathe away. Except this was in my upper back, behind my scapula. The spasm is gone now (after ice and muscle relaxers ) and I'm just left with a knot I can't get rid of.

    I get these ground zero spasms too frequently.

  5. I'm dealing with a bad spasm in my back right now. It's starting to go away with some muscle relaxers that were prescribed to me, but also the cortisone injection helped a lot. Sunday night it was horrible and knocked me to the ground. I went to a sports doctor Monday and he prescribed me all that stuff...I think stretching and taking it easy for a little while is the best. It sucks, but laying low for the past couple of days has helped mine clear up a lot.

    Best bet...if it's that bad...see a doctor.



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