Valentine's Day around the corner

  1. Valentine's Day around the corner

    What kind of things are you going to do for/with your lady/man?

    Have reservations planned for a nice dinner and ordering some flowers from Was also thinking of doing the 'buy a star' thing and a few other ideas have popped into my head. Spa treatment and tanning membership too.

  2. couples cooking.. i love cooking.. obviosuly when u bodybuild knowing how to cook is a plus.. i always try to get my women to make me food.. shes not the best at it.. i figured a little couples coooking classes could be nice.. maybe some wine tasting who knows

  3. I am getting a new tatoo.

  4. Getting her a personalised number plate for her car hopefully
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  5. I'm going to do one of the "tunnel of fudge" style cakes, but with enough red food coloring to make it look like red velvet cake, in this pan




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