high altitude / hyperbarick chambers

  1. high altitude / hyperbarick chambers

    Just wondering whether anyone here knows much about these, knows of any bodybuilders / strength trainers who have had success with it?

    I've googled it a bit and on other bodybuilding forums some people tend to shun it. Now... I'm a pilot, and personally I see no safety issues with sitting in a chamber set up to 14,000 feet. Here in Australia, and I presume most other countries the laws would be similar... pilots can fly unpressurized aircraft without extra oxygen supply up to 10,000 feet, while passengers only require it if unpressurized above 14,000. (safety factors are huge in aviation so 10k feet is a nice round number i presume just to be sure that performance is still 100%).

    I'm asking because I just watched Bigger Strong Faster and saw the scene about the athlete who built himself what looked like a cheap hyperbaric chamber in his backyard and slept in it each night set to 13,000 feet... i cant remember whether he was a runner or a cyclist or what... but it helps, it helps your body become more efficient with oxygen, some other technical stuff, basically I think it increases your red blood cell count?

    So my question is does anyone know of anyone or any stories of people who have done this, or anyone who is a possible doctor and knows anything regarding this?

    Personally I've flown for hours at a time skimming 10,000 feet in a cessna and its fine. Might de-hydrate you a bit but a water bottle eliminates any issues. 10-14k is not really high enough to make you hypoxic, so the idea of sleeping 8 hours in one sounds pretty neat. Some people in the other forums were freaking out: "I'd hate to be oxygen deprived and suffocate".... basically its still a moderate altitute, and even if you went to 30,000 feet you wouldnt 'suffocate', you'd feel hypoxic/high, wouldnt even know wtf is going on before you lost consciousness and passed out. You're still breathing in air, its just the fact that the amount of oxygen in it per volume is less, so its not like your short for breath or in any sort of pain.

    so imo 10k' or 14,000' max sounds like a safe idea... and if there was a cheap way to build something or wear a mouth/nose mask at night which supplied me with air equivalent to a higher altitute id definitely look into it out of interest... (pray to god it doesnt **** up and set itself to 40,000k or youd be dead pretty fast without even knowing it!)....

  2. I know Terrel Owen's uses one and swears by it. He tends to make faster comebacks from injuries than anyone else I've seen in the NFL.

  3. Im a certified CHT which means i run hyperbaric chambers for a living and the results are insane. o2 under pressure has amazing bodily healing properties

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ANDROID View Post
    Im a certified CHT which means i run hyperbaric chambers for a living and the results are insane. o2 under pressure has amazing bodily healing properties
    oxygen under pressure? as in more oxygen under more pressure? or less?

    is it only for healing, or does it help you perform better say if you're already recovered etc

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