Awe Damn!!!

  1. Talking Awe Damn!!!

    Made the mistake of walking into Burger King with my brother, and the smell of Whoppers hit me It smelled so damn good!! I haven't eaten fast food for over a year now.
    I ended up not getting anything as I am very serious about my diet and weightlifting now, but damn.....let me just tell you Flame Broiled Hamburgers smell so gawwd damn good!!!

  2. Damn man you have alot more will power than me. I probably end up eating at wendys or burger king every couple of months.

  3. You guys are too strict.. a cheat meal is good for the body as well as the mind. But talking about Wendys makes me want a large chili and a chicken club. Think that will be my supper. Man I love bulking.

  4. eating a hamburger with ketchup and mustard is not going to kill you. so if you want one eat one, just keep all the other crap they try to throw on hamburgers off and stay away from everything else they sell

  5. A whopper with no Mayo only has 7 grams of fat. It's not that bad at all.

    I end up eating a grilled chicken from Wendy's or BK a few times a week. I train on my lunch break during the week so I need to get some food fast & don't always pack any.

    Anyone ever try the KFC honey BBQ chicken sanwich? It's shredded white meat, & the nutrition info on the sign says its 31g protein & 4 of 5g fat.

  6. KFC supposedly has a low carb bucket O chicken now - for all you keto heads.

  7. Such wimps!

    Cheat days maintain sanity, either that or suffer the pathetic "guilt" of walking in a BK or a Wendy's thinking about their juicy burgers.. Or was it the crispy, salt-encrusted fries that smell so good? Or maybe the thick, rich, carb-infested milkshakes that can bloat a camel? Or is it the Double Whopper with cheese no mayo, king-sized fries, and keg of strawberry shake?

    So I'm hungry!

  8. whats wrong with a double whopper with mustard only huh? i know i need the calories

  9. My favorite fast food burger is Whataburger. Totally agree. No mayo, no cheese, you will be alright.

  10. The animal burger at In and Out isn't even cheating if you're a ketohead. 1, 2, 3, or 4 slices of beef wrapped in lettuce since there is no bun. WARNING: do NOT eat these in your vehicle because they are super MESSY.


  11. dont get me started on the Hardees thickburger that sucker is the be all end all


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