Teenager impersonates cop

  1. this is sad. im from chicago so i see alot of bull****. The cops are 90% douchebags. I dont trust any of them. They all are wanna be tough guys that just cause they made the force think theyre the shyt. I have heard plenty of stories and seen enough to think they are garbage around here.
    Like i said, 90%(most of them) and NOT ALL police, i respect the ones that do their job liek its supposed to be.

    Its embarassing to not know youre with a 14 yr old. A simple conversation couldn't trigger that?
    This city is embarassing sometimes.

  2. They need to fire the cop he went on patrol with IMO.

  3. I was wondering if the cop he rode with all day was not conversing with him at all. I mean, it should not be that hard to know someone is younger than they portray themselves to be. Especially the young an age. Then again, I guess credit goes to the teenager that he was able to pull this off.

  4. How could a kid pull that off?! haha- the cop he drove with must have been pretty dumb!



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