To all my bro's here at BDC......

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  1. Ill be in the gym tomorrow.

  2. Great to hear the good news Jake. didn't take very long which is good. Good to have yoy back at home.

  3. Originally posted by windwords7
    Ill be in the gym tomorrow.
    awesome...hope this cures the ill bro...

  4. jake im glad everything worked out ok. stay strong bro!

  5. Originally posted by windwords7
    Saturday night I had to be rushed to the Emergency Room with a massive Esophageal spasm that could have been life threatening.
    Layoff the porno bro !!!

    Glad to here your ok.

  6. Very good to hear that everything went ok, Jake. Hope you are now past all of your illnesses.

    P.S. Take it easy on the nor-diol!

  7. Awesome new Jake.. glad it was fast and nothing was wrong...


  8. Happy to hear that everything went fine Jake. Get back in the gym and keep lifting hard. And please stop getting sick man or we are going to have to give you your own forum.

  9. Good to hear that all is well. Hopefully this will be the end of all your woes.

  10. Thanks again everyone. Yeah the found the "ring" at the base of my esophagus as they expeceted to and gave it the "baloon". Dr. said that often you never have problems again or you have many years symptom free, I hope the former is the case. Im pretty sore where they strethced me out but other than that I am suprised at how much I dont hurt after having had a camera down my throat. Thanks again everyone!

  11. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm glad everything worked out for you.

    Stay well, bro.

  12. Same here, sorry for the late reply. Just getting back into the swing of things myself. Glad to hear everything is ok.

  13. jake;
    glad to hear all went ok, figures you pick the time i am out of town to get ill. i am sorry i was not here when you were going through this ordeal. hope you feel better. don

  14. I've never had a esophagul (sp?) spasm; but I've had it shut itself off several times before...

    nothing was stuck it seems; because water couldn't even get through; its like it got inflamed and just swelled up and blocked... was hungry the rest of the day and couldn't eat anything

    i sometimes have problems getting food down on the first bite; its like it constricts over time with little usage
    cept now that i eat every 3-4 hours i don't have much trouble

  15. Thanks again everyone, I am feeling better each day. Take care all!

  16. Glad to hear it.

  17. Jake, sorry I'm late on this too! Glad everything went as well as possible. Man you do have some bad luck. Hopefully you are done with bad luck now for quite a while. Take care!

  18. Well bro's it has not gone as well as hoped and has been a long hard week with many more Dr. visits! I am doing better now but have some more work to do. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you, let you know I was still alive, and for those who pray, keep praying!

    Also, I have encountered A LOT of Dr. bills, even with insurance, and need to seel EVERYTHING I can to cover the bills. Please go see all the sups I'm selling and buy if you need something. Good deal for you and good for our bills!

    WW7 Sups for sale:;thread****1270
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  19. Hang in there, life is a cyclical bitch and you'll be back around worry free in no time. Will keep hoping for the best, and best wishes to you and yours bro. Supps for sale you say?

  20. Thanks Bigin.

  21. Get well soon man

  22. Thanks Dez!

  23. Hey Jake,

    I'm not really a religious kind of guy, but I WILL say a little prayer for you towards a very speedy recovery ... both healthwise and financial. Hang in there, bro.

  24. UPDATE:

    Well I just wanted to check in and let you all know what's shaking with me. I am just now getting my apetite back and my sleep is getting normalized, thank God. I am a little sad to say that I have lost 9 pounds (as of today) since this episode began 11 days ago. Once again I just want to say thank you to all you good bro's and friends. Take care and I will talk to you soon.


  25. Hey man you can always gain the weight back, the good news is that you're moving past that ****. Congrats bro, I hope everything continues to improve and quickly returns to status quo: eatin big, sleepin big, growin big, etc etc


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