Lying about weights lifted

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  1. Lying about weights lifted

    Is it just me or do you think many lie about the weigths they lift in the gym?

    I read posts constantly about people repping out 300+ lbs on inlcine bench, military pressing 300 lbs, etc. I just find this hard to believe, but maybe I just lift at gyms where everybody is weak.

    For instance, I rarely see anyone actually militray press more than 225. I rarely see people bench 300+ or even better yet incline 300+.

    What I do see is guys loading up bars only to have someone move half of the weight for them. I see guys "curling" but it looks more like a swing set or some guy having a seizure. I see people do only 1/3 of a movement and claim it is to compeletion.

    Now, I know people do lift this much but it just seems like everybody claims they can do it. However, I fail to see too many guys in the gym who have the build or the ability to do it.

    Like i said, maybe its just me.

    p.s.- I do not care, it just seems to be an odd thing to lie about.

  2. Well, if anyone says my 985lb bench, 2200lb squat, and 4000 lb deadlift aren't legitimate, they're gonna have a fight on their hands. BTW I knocked Roy Jones Jr out in a bar fight, so you don't wanna go there

  3. Foxx: LOL!
    Size: Yah... They are probably those same people who have absolutely poor technique, but also only seem to have imaginary lats.... hmmmmm
    If incomplete reps build incomplete muscles, does imaginary weight build imaginary muscles?

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  4. Totally agree size, and it pisses me off. Maybe I can't lift the amount that some of the bro's on here "claim" they can, but I am 5'8" 200 pounds at 2.5% bodyfat.

  5. I thought I was the only one out there who apperantly was not benching 425 x 8 and dead lifting trucks....hhmmm.

    I've decided enough is enough and I'm coming clean.

    Bench: 116 x 3 half rep with assistance

    Dead lift: Why dead lift, I'd have to learn form and I'll get huge anyway.

    Squat: See dead lift.

    Military Press: I pushed a US Marine once...she kicked my arse.

    Well I'm off to the gym after I do my hair and iron my work out clothes.

    Ahhh it feels good to let the truth be told. Oh...and can anyone tell me how many more cheese doodles I need to eat daily while on M1T to build mass?

  6. 2.5%? Damn bro, you're ripped. Good job. Is this a natural condition or do you really have to work at it?

  7. Originally posted by Sir Foxx
    2.5%? Damn bro, you're ripped. Good job. Is this a natural condition or do you really have to work at it?
    Uhh, it was a joke. I thought it fit in well w/ the theme of the thread.

  8. Got ya, I'm an idiot

  9. Devil's Advocate Post:
    Certainly if you take the percentage of total gym members that are SERIOUS, and serious enough to follow and post on a board like this, than maybe it is possible. The guy doing cable crossovers to build a big bench isn't going to be posting on here, nor is the beginner who is struggling to bench their bodyweight. Odds are, they don't even know a site like this exists. It would stand to reason that if the mods, admins and sponsors are the elite in their field, then the the board will attract *many* of the most dedicated gym rats on the interweb.

    How I Really Feel Post:
    I agree, that most of it is bull****. Younger, less mature or less experienced lifters may be threatened by the weights that lots of you cats push, and may fudge some numbers (or outright lie, whatever) so as not to be embarassed, or run the risk of being mocked. Hell, that's the reason I hesitate to post lifts myself. For my size, 2/3 of this board can outlift me. Silly? Absolutely. I am my only competition. But it still lingers...
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  10. Size I know what ya mean bro. Some of my bro's (who aren't nearly as big as me) were throwin some numbers around in the weight room that I could not do. So I told them to prove it. The techniques they used made me laugh almost to the point of ****ting myself. I proceeded to take half the weight off of the bar and said i bet you, that you can't complete 10reps the way I do them. They each got about 3 reps and quit because they said it was to hard. HAHA At the time I was doing slow positives and negatives so I knew the would be in pain.

  11. I just laugh at the ILS victims when they struggle to bench 205, then if they say anything smart, I simply answer, "Looks like you're tryin' to **** the bar.. My back doesn't arch like that until I get to rep 40!"..

  12. Good Post size.. can't stand people that have thought of lying about everything..

  13. i dont lie..... but i do round up

  14. LoL! I actually round down by 2 pounds on some because I don't count the collars which are labled as 1lb each at my gym.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  15. same here. and I don't count the sled weight on the leg press or the carriage weight on the smith machine... mainly because I can never remember it and I also can't remove them to actually check the weight.. I am kinda anal about verifying things.. but I have weighted all the bars at my gym..

  16. I count the sled weight on the Leg Press, because that's a heavy sled and Im pressing that too The sled at my gym weighs 1000 lbs!

  17. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    I think it depends who you talk to and where you train. Maybe I'm naive, I take what people say at face value unless they openly contradict themselves in their posts.

    In my mid 20's I used to train in a gym with many national and several world class bodybuilding and powerlifting competitors. It was not unusual to see guys benching 400-500 for reps in their off season when bulking up. Several of these guys could do reps of seated behind the neck barbell presses with 315. At my best FLAT BENCH EVER I could do 4 reps of that weight, ha. Some difference.

    One day Steve Courson of the Tampa Bay Bucs came to our gym (formerly Big Daddy's at the X in Springfield, MA) I recall he did incline bench press with 405 for reps, THEN went on to do flat bench of 550 (thereabouts, I forget exactly) for several reps.

    Utter jaw dropping strength.

    I also knew someone who developed an all NATURAL 500 lb bench press. No i didn't see him do it, but Big Daddy himself, a powerlifting competitor and personal friend, SWORE it was true, so there's no reason to question it. One day the guy suffered the same injury as I did, completely avulsing his pec major tendon. But he didn't have medical insurance and didn't have the $$ to have it fixed, and never benched again.

    So it doesn't surprise me at all to read about some guys around here benching 400-500 pounds. I just figured they can do it.... this is afterall an international forum.

    Not here, I think it was on - I read several posts by this guy who posted very impressive pics of himself, answered all kinds of questions and gave advice to admiring people on that board who saw him as an aspiring competitive bodybuilder...... only to have someone discover the guy lifted the pics from the REAL bodybuilder's web site, making up or copying info the REAL guy had posted. Pathetic.

    Integrity is the only thing we all have in here. It's fine to disagree with someone on a given topic especially when both viewpoints are made passionately. That's even part of our growth process in the area of "human" development. But it's sad to read about someone being exposed as a fake or a phony. They must be lonely and VERY insecure.

    There's no competition here, no reason to exaggerate stats or weights lifted. What's gained from it? In the end, only humiliation when they're exposed.

    This is a great forum to exchange personal knowledge and experience. Most of us don't know each other anyway so what's the point of exaggerating stats? If someone needs to do that, they really should seek some counseling to understand WHY they feel such a need. Get it taken care of like any other medical problem.

    Be well guys.

  18. PC1,

    You are correct. It definitely does depend on where you lift. Also, there is "nothing to be gained" by lying.

    Let's just say I question many of the lifts the people claim on another site that I mod at.

    The fraud at -> I have my own opinions on that. I think there is more to it than just someone stealing pics as people would like others to believe.

  19. Good Thread, I see guys that are smaller than me and im pretty small, and they are throwin out their back on curls just to finish a rep with 35lb dumbells. I go over their and grab 25lb dumbells and do 2 second positive's and 1 second negatives high reps and they stare at me like im a big pu$$y. It drives me crazy because its like a lil game they play in the mirror...... As i finish a set they start one and make sure im looking at them as they throw around 15lbs more than me with their fu&K&D up form. I just "shake them hater's off" and carry on.

  20. I have a feeling I know who your talking about
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  21. What I hate even more:

    Guys in the gym who make fun of other smaller guys who are just getting started. Hell, everybody has to start somewhere.

    If all you can bench is 95lbs, but you keep working at it the GREAT! Be proud of the fact that you are going to make progress lifting that 95 lbs. Sooner or later if you keep at it you will be pushing 135, then 185, then 225, etc.

    The funny thing, is the guys who make fun of people are usually the guys who lie about what they lift and they walk around in all the new "gear" to look pretty in the gym. You know them, the bench and bicep boys.

  22. this is a great thread and I was all ready to post something similar to the more eloquent points made above... I agree with the fact that there's nothing to be gained from lying, BUT for some people, the internet is all they have (distorted perception) and they WILL lie, be it in a bodybuilding forum or some other online community where we are all equalized by the flat screen sitting in front of us and the distance separating us...

    I was going to say something like that... but Rakey's sig scared the ever-loving **** out of me... is it a big galloping green penis with teeth? a reject from the Dr Seuss Nightmare Factory of Horrors? what in the name of all that is holy and pure IS that.... that THING! and whatever it is, WHY is it moving backwards!?!

  23. I here people stretch the truth in the gym all the time.

  24. I don't brag about weights or how much I do on this lift or any of that ****. As a matter of fact, I only concentrate on the negatives. When I leave the gym, rather than thinking about what when right, I concentrate on what went wrong. Just check out my sig. at the bottom.

  25. Is this the same guy who wrote an email to one of the boards saying he had duped everyone, calling everyone stupid in this little world of ours, and how he was going to expose it all on HBO or something?


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