1. Karma

    Okay I bite what is the karma thing Chemo?

  2. hmmm another karma system, just like good ole elitefitness

    basically you send soemone it if you like there post, it really serves no purpose other then to privately let someone know you thought there post was good or bad

  3. i am also glad about this . i just wish i had the knowledge some of you guys have . and i give a big bump to BDC .

  4. Actually I got the email on it last night that is going to give you points for GOOD posts that are helpful. Then we will be able to exchange the points for products.
  5. karma

    here's the deal with the karma thing....you actually can redeem your karma points for product on this web site. It is not just useless points. Moderators can award you points for a good post. But you actually can exchage your points for product! Isn't chemo the best!

  6. Yes I am glad Chemo did this. He is really going out of his way to make this site work better.. Also, I have noticed that Chemo is alittle on the psychic side.. went I asked that question last night, not more than 3 minutes later I had an email..


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