Hardening and Shrinkage of Testes?!! dire need of help!

  1. Hardening and Shrinkage of Testes?!! dire need of help!

    For about 3 years, my testicles get rock hard when I get an erection, walk up the stairs, do pushups or other strenuous activity. (It seems to get less hard when Im just resting). It seemed to get smaller, and now my testicles are as small as I have felt. It feels like a grape, when it used to be pretty big. I am really worried about my testicles getting even smaller and my confidence is going downhill. I get depressed about this because I feel like no one out there has the same experience as me and that I cant tell anyone about this except my doctors. (I have visited the urologist/doctors many times and they have told me not to worry). But now, I cant not worry about my testicles getting even smaller.

    Also, I have had a varicocele for about 3 years as well, and my left testicle is smaller than my right because of this. But does this varicocele cause the hardening and shrinkage of BOTH testes? Im guessings its due to some kind of blood flow problem. What is going on?

    i dont take any steroids.

  2. Have you seen a doctor about this?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Have you seen a doctor about this?
    Quote Originally Posted by jordan2345 View Post
    I get depressed about this because I feel like no one out there has the same experience as me and that I cant tell anyone about this except my doctors. (I have visited the urologist/doctors many times and they have told me not to worry).
    Don't know what to tell you, man.

  4. It's normal for one to hang lower or be smaller. You didn't mention any pain or discomfort. Does it hurt?

    I wouldn't worry about this too much. If you don't have pain, and if your semen volume is unchanged then you have nothing to worry about. Especially if your doctor said it's healthy.

    I'd be more worried if something else was getting smaller. Balls are balls no matter what size or how hairy. I don't think you should stress about this. There's no need to tell people how big or small your balls are anyway.

    Just be optimistic about it. If you happened to tell someone or if a girl mentions it, just tell them that everything looks small when placed next to your package. Should do the trick.

    But seriously, I hope you don't have any health issues there and since your doctor said you are fine I wouldn't worry. You might have them do a hormone panel to check your testosterone levels. If they are low, you may experience depression, lethargy, and a decrease in testes size.

    Good luck to you.

  5. I agree with the above. A doctor is going to know better than any of us morons on this topic. I wouldn't worry about it.

    I'm guessing (and not being certain, since obviously I can't relate to your exact situation) that you're probably being too worried about it. Just stop feeling/watching your balls all the time and don't get worked up over it.

    It might simply be something like temperature of your scrotum.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about it unless they begin to not function properly.

  6. I see you double posted this. You are getting good answers here, but you will get more help in the anti-aging section. You are far from the only person where sh*t like this is happening. You definitely need to check your hormones bro. If they are fine then it's in your head. If not it is fixable.

    Good on you guys for not flaming.

  7. Testes? We don't need no steenking testes!

  8. Seriously though, see a urologist. Best to know what the pros know.

  9. Did you cycle a lot in the past? If you did, how were your pct's?

  10. i went to the urologist and he said thers nothin dangerous. i get really depressed still though, even visited mental clinic and got anti-depressants. When i wake up i start to panic and get all sweaty. I worry my balls are gonna shrink even more and end up feeling sorry for myself alot

    any advice?

  11. Actualy hormones can appear normal on general tests, but your testes might be suffering atrophy because of an illness, or because they have become used to functioning less and less, this sounds strange i know, but testes, can become dormant, in that the body can choose to lessen blood flow to the area, causing SHRINKAGE, My testes go like rocks when i pro-create, but they never stay that way, Have you had your serum test levels checked?
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  12. i dont know what serum levels are...i got my testosterone checked about 5 months ago i think it came out normal, but i didnt see any specific numbers...Im just worried my testes are gonna keep shrinking and shrinking...right now they are like on the small side of normal. Do your testes just keep shrinking or does it reach a point where it stops? i know it sounds silly...i took an ultrasound like a week ago and they said my testicles havent shrunk since 2 and a half yrs ago but I know it has. They actually said my right one did a tiny bit but that can be because of the ultrasound not being accurate...it pisses me off when they say this.

    I never took any steroids either...how do steroid users cope with having small testes? or does it not affect all of em. and how small do they get for them? thanks

  13. This seems like a troll.

  14. so im thinking about having an emobolization done for both of my varicocele....im worried about the migration of the coils though...anyone had it before?

  15. Prognosis
    Varicocele is usually harmless except in cases of infertility. If surgery is required because of infertility or testicular atrophy, the outlook is usually excellent. Removal of varicocele can lead to normal testicular temperatures and an increased sperm production.[10] Despite this, recent research (as discussed below) has resulted in doubts if treatment of the condition using this method actually improves fertility.

    [edit] Varicocele and Infertility
    Recent researches show that varicocele is the main cause for male infertilty. In fact Varicocele is the reason for about 80-90% of male infertility cases. That was found by Dr Yigal Gat and Dr Menahem Goren in one of their massive studies on varicocele which was published in the renowned medical journal - Human Reproduction.[11]

    Varicoceles may be managed with a scrotal support (e.g. jockstrap, briefs). However, if pain continues or if infertility or testicular atrophy results, the varicocele may need to be surgically ligated (tied off). A vasotonic drug is preferred in addition to the scrotal support.

    Sew up wound after varicocele surgeryVaricocelectomy, the surgical correction of a varicocele, is performed on an outpatient basis.[6] The three most common approaches are inguinal (groin), retroperitoneal (abdominal), and infrainguinal/subinguinal (below the groin). Various other techniques may be used. Ice packs should be kept to the area for the first 24 hours after surgery to reduce swelling. The patient may be advised to wear a scrotal support for some time after surgery.

    Possible complications of this procedure include hematoma (bleeding into tissues), infection, or injury to the scrotal tissue or structures. In addition, injury to the artery that supplies the testicle may occur.

    An alternative to surgery is embolization,[7] a minimally invasive treatment for varicocele that is performed by an interventional radiologist. This involves passing a small wire through a peripheral vein and into the abdominal veins that drain the testes. Through a small flexible catheter, this doctor can obstruct the veins so that the increased pressures from the abdomen are no longer transmitted to the testicles. The testicles then drain through smaller collateral veins. The recovery period is significantly less than with surgery and the risk of complications is minimised. However, overall effectiveness is not as high as surgery, which is still an option.

    Embolization is an effective treatment for post-surgical varicoceles. These are varicoceles that reappear after they have been surgically repaired. The main theory is the presence of redundant gonadal veins that provide collateralization cause the reappearance of the varicoceles. The use of NBCA glues during the embolization is as effective at embolizing these collaterals as coils. [8]

    Two Israeli doctors, Yigal Gat and Menahem Goren have developed the Gat-Goren nonsurgical method for treating varicoceles. During the procedure, performed under local anesthesia, a catheter is inserted through a vein in the upper thigh. Fluid injected through the catheter selectively closes off the malfunctioning veins, thus enabling the testicular tissues to recover and begin to produce normal sperm in normal amounts. The procedure lasts one to two hours and causes almost no discomfort. The patient can return to his regular routine within 48 hours.

    WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE..........not always accurate but good info nonetheless

  16. I also have Varicocele, have been to the Doc for it, and all they did was give me some pills. I notice from time to time, the veins are all swollen, but then it goes away in a few days. If you really feel there shrinking, and its effecting the quality of life, then see a doc. I have been using Toco-8, and haven't had a problem for a while. Another thing is use Test booster, I know that might not be the answer your looking for but they work, especially for increasing the size of your boys. hope that helps some.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jordan2345 View Post
    i went to the urologist and he said thers nothin dangerous. i get really depressed still though, even visited mental clinic and got anti-depressants. When i wake up i start to panic and get all sweaty. I worry my balls are gonna shrink even more and end up feeling sorry for myself alot

    any advice?

    Bro, If I where you I would stop using anti- depressants, they can lower test, which could led to more shrinkage. Also you can become dependent on them. I mean you can still get an erection, and your test is in the normal range so things could be a lot worse IMO.
  18. This may help my friend

    Here is a post that may help if you are looking to nurture your friends from down under:

    Optimun Nutrition's Tribulus works since it actually contains furastanol saponins, one of which is protodioscin, the main active ingrdient. As a practitioner of alternative medicine I have noted that response to this product is individual. The recommended dosage is adequate for some, while others may need to take upwards of 6 or 8 pills a day to get a good wallop. Many tribulus products contain the saponins without the active ingredient and are nothing more than humor pills. It does pack a testosterone effect and an LH effect which shows up as increased scrotal volume which you can measure by water displacement.
    Tribulus is a member of a triad of herbs, all of which produce a strong LH effect: namely tribulus, fenugreek, and dioscorea. All of these will increase your scrotal volume, raise libido, imrove performance, and have an anti depressant effect. Fenugreek in doses of 5 to 6 grams brings about almost instant scrotal growth; hence a favorite among body builders wanting to get their nuts back, But beware, it is a prolactin booster, so prolonged high dosing can bring on aromatization and breast development. After getting the desired effect I suggest cutting back to 1.5 to 2.0 grams a day with an increase in tribulus dosing. The LH effect builds the testosterone effect in the form of testosterone, with conversion to DHT inhibited by fenugreek. Sustained high testosterone often leads to aromatization to estradiol which can augment the breast development. On the other hand tribulus stimulates conversion to DHT. DHT does not aromatize. Each man has a comfort zone with respect to the ratio of testosterone to DHT; thus each user will eventfully find his tribulus dose comfort zone. DHT is required for the development of the the male organs. DHT also promotes libido. The higher the DHT the greater the development. Large male equipment goes with higher conversion to DHT and consequently higher libido. All the puberty changes depend on DHT. Dioscorea works like tribulus but differs in that it contains progesterone like substances, a hormone needed by both sexes for well being and satisfactory performance. In excess it also leads to breast development. Generally speaking, recommended dosing will not stimulate breast development except for doses recommended for that purpose. Dioscoria may inhibit conversion to DHT. A judicious mix of tribulus, fenugreek, and dioscorea can erase 20 to 30 years off the age of an older man's equipment and give the older man a much more satisfactory life. High levels of testosterone can lead to aromatization. This is least likely with tribulus since it promotes conversion to DHT.
    I mentioned water displacement; here is how it is done. Get a can that is 10 cm diameter. Nut cans holding 326 grams or more of nuts work the best. (pun intended). Fill with warm water and push up over your scrotum using a finger to break the seal. Push repeatedly till no more water comes out. To calculate volume use Pi times radius squared times depth in cm. Pi is 3.14. The finger can be ignored since it is in all the measurements. Make the measurement first thing in the morning. LH effect varies through the day and is max when you get up. Good sleep raises it. Many things affect it. Measurements will vary from about 200 to 460 cc. 500cc is probably as high as it will go. To go over 500 you will need a deeper can.


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