Is This Legit Or Spam

  1. Is This Legit Or Spam

    HI got this in my private messages from"pamela" -anyone else had it from pamela

  2. Spam and Pamela has been taken care of.

  3. I got one as well. Pretty sh*tty way to try and promote another board.

  4. oh Pamela. and i thought it was someone actually wanting to speak to me
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  5. now im upset that I didnt get spammed... I wanted to meet pam...
    SFW and GFH

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post
    now im upset that I didnt get spammed... I wanted to meet pam...

    you would have been disappointed

  7. Pam was probably a dude.....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigpoppapump2 View Post
    Pam was probably a dude.....
    dont ruin it for me!
    SFW and GFH

  9. Yes she was -she or he was a drag artist in a bar in Bangkok

  10. dang missed it

  11. Quote Originally Posted by surive123 View Post
    dang missed it
    Didn't miss much, I got the Spam from Pam, not exactly sure why. It was a link to a different muscle orientated website that appears to be just getting started based upon the incredibly low number of posts it had.

    Like it says in my profile I'm here at AM because its simply "the best"

  12. I had a message soliciting for another board as well. It was from Lake Mount D or something.
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