Its been awhile..... ;-)

  1. Its been awhile..... ;-)

    Just wanted to say hi! I have had no communication for several months with anyone so I am totally out of the loop but all is well and I hope you all are well. I still think about you all and I hope you find yourself blessed and healthy!

    Take care!


  2. hello.

  3. Size a Mod! Good to see you dude.

  4. Long time no see Jake.. hope everything is going good for you

  5. Originally posted by Matthew D
    Long time no see Jake.. hope everything is going good for you
    Matt, always good to see you dude. Jump on AIM and fill me in dude!

  6. Great to see you, Jacob!

  7. Jake I got to take it to bed.. back is killing me tonight.. like it has been the last few months... I will catch you later..

  8. OK Matt, sorry for the tech problems....

  9. ... Jake you biatch!

  10. WB Jake.

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  11. Hey bro. How ya been??



  12. Long time no see...hit me with a PM and send me a number...we need to talk.

  13. Welcome back man. Almost forgot about you for a second.....

  14. Big Jake!!

    Hope things are going good, brother.. I'm gettin' fat again!

    Don't be a stranger!

  15. Hey Jake. Glad to hear things are going well.

  16. Jake, it's always a pleasure Hope the house is up and running bro, and good luck with everything

  17. Hey Jake, hope everything is going well for you bro...I still owe you one so let me know!
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  18. Good to see you around WW.

  19. Thanks everyone.


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