1. Exclamation Omg!!!

    THE ****!?! and i thought the IFBB WAS BAD!

  2. Oh my god. That is just too much.

  3. There must be line drawn somewhere, this just runs right past it and doesn't look back.

  4. Guys,

    That article is about Urban Ledgends.

    The woman quoted is from a PRO LIFE organization.

    Read all the way down where it says:

    It's possible one grain of truth might have been converted by gossip into a false tale. Underage East German athletes were pressured in the 1970s and 1980s to abort, not because anyone was trying to supercharge them with hormones, but because these unfortunate girls had been subjected to heavy regimes of steroids and other harmful drugs. Had they carried to full term, they likely would have delivered malformed or otherwise handicapped children. One former national back stroke swim champion gave birth to a son who had a clubfoot, and another produced a blind daughter.

  5. wow thats crazy! Thats totally like a Brave New World!

  6. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    wow thats crazy! Thats totally like a Brave New World!

    That IS the name of the article.


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