frank zane

  1. frank zane

    I heard that frank zane was an ecto. is that true at all? I saw him in some old pics in the late 70's and he was huge. didnt know an ecto could accomplish that

  2. define "huge"... he was certainly ripped, and would also be big next to a normal weight lifter in that era, but have you seen pics of him next to any other top competitors? he never had that much mass, his calling card was always conditioning, other cats had like 50 lbs on him. I like his look though, the only guy even remotely close in this era would arguably be somebody like Dexter Jackson, who always brings a small waist and mad, mad conditioning to the fore.

  3. Agrred with biggs! Zane wasnt all that big by bodybuilding standards. He was conditioned as hell though



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