Hi- I have been on this board for a while now, I forgot my login id and password and therefore had to create new log-in id my other post will be under markandy75 .
I am visiting India and a friend of mine introduce me to a local Ayurvedic supplement , this product has been absolute best that I have tried so far and I have tried many products . I am really excited about this product, this could be great PCT product as it helps boost libido thru the roof and also helps tone up my muscles which I guess is result of testosterone boosting effect. It is all natural and has only 6-7 herbs mixed; I am willing to bring some of it back with me and give it out as samples for people to try and if it really works for others the way it worked for me I would like to order it in bulk and sell it.
I donít want to break any rules so I would like to know how do I go about this using the board, do I need to pay something to get this offer out or can I offer it to people on my own.
Please let me know.