pins and needles feeling in bladder,kidney,lower right ab

  1. pins and needles feeling in bladder,kidney,lower right ab

    ey guys

    recently i been getting this really weird feeling in either my bladder area, right kidney area and lower right ab area.... it's just like the pins and needles feeling. Doesn't hurt badly but there is a discomfort. My doctor is not in town til Jan 15th and i really don't wana go to a different one....

    Has anyone else had this feeling before?.. it's been giong on for about 3 days now. It can't be appendicitis because that is known to get worse over a 24 hour period.... plus the symptoms are slightly different.

    could it be an ulcer or something?..


  2. yeah had that on a cycle of sd it probably aint a good thing. It was close to the end of my cyclei stopped and it went away.

  3. have had pains like this off and on since HS for squats and deadlifts. I think its more of a "strain" that would pop up after an extreme w/o including the two exercises listed above, usually right after or the next day. It only occurs once every couple months, so its no biggy, but i would suggest if its frequent, something surely is wrong.

  4. yea i'm doing squats and also a lot more supersetting for the upper body. For both of you guys, how long did it take the pain to go?

  5. How does it feel when you pee? Urinary Tract Infection?
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  6. nah i can p*ss pain....

    although i am p*ssing more often than usual. but then again, i am drinking a lot of water throughout the day.

    atleast 1 gallon... 6 - 7 600 ml bottles of water


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