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  1. Last thread

    alright y'all, this is my last thread for a while due to my entrance into United States Navy boot camp.

    I will be gone for approximately the next 3 months, I amgoing to be an Hospital Corpsman (HM) for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) is going to kick ass, and I thank you all for your being as cool as you all are



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  2. Congrats, and get ready to whoop some ass, keep in touch amigo.

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  3. go kick some ass LG, godspeed bro, hope to see you later on in chat etc drop a line whenever you can.

  4. Fantastic LG. Let the next three months will bring you lessons you'll carry throughout your life. Good luck

  5. Good luck!

  6. Good luck bro.
    And remember no more booty shaking in public places without the proper music.


  7. Way to go bro good luck

  8. Best Wishes!!

  9. Thanks for serving our country LG, good luck

  10. Good luck man! I've got a good deal of friends in one branch or another, and they all love it.

  11. as a fellow member in our armed services i wish you the best of luck and get all the ass you can while your in................

  12. volunteer for nothing and i mean NOTHING no matter how good they make it sound.

    good luck...

  13. Damn bro, you will be missed.... Hope to see you in a few months in the chat! Good Luck And RAKEY will be SWOLE by the time u get back!

    Best of luck playa.

  14. Stay safe.

    Thank you for your service to the USA.


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