Pumping Iron

  1. Pumping Iron

    I am thrilled to death as I just found it online as was able to order it for a total of $10. How many of the old timers remember this classic?
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  2. I have the anniversary edition. I remember as a teenager watching it and being mesmorized.

    Trip and i still laugh about some of the Ferrigno and Katz parts though.

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  3. I love that damn movie, I can remember watching it as a kid with my dad. I cannot wait to see it again
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  4. I had that movie for years. I used to watch it before I went to the gym to get pumped up. Haven't watched it lately. But, today might be a good day though.

  5. I have it and I watch it about once a yr or so to keep me motivated!

  6. i used to watch that movie religiously, i knew every bit of dialogue in every scene, i could turn the sound down and do the audio myself, accents and all

    "Remember, if you're training hard,
    he may be training twice as hard."

  7. Old timers? Hell this should be watched by every person to ever contemplate bodybuilding, regardless of age....its truly a classic.


  8. never seen it...but I would love to! Where can I get a copy?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    never seen it...but I would love to! Where can I get a copy?
    you can watch it online ([url=http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_cc00XMTIyOTkyODQ=.html ) if you can't find a copy, i'd recommend buying it off ebay or a local video store.

    The 25th Anniversary DVD I brought is a good buy, it's got heaps of special features, it's got a classic "Arnold comes clean" segment.
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