School and bodybuilding...

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    School and bodybuilding...

    I have been bodybuilding for a few years now and ever since i first picked up a weight i have been obsessed. I am now in college and know i want to do something in the fitness field. I personally train and conlsult with a large number of my friends. I consult about diet, training, recovery, supps, adn drugs. I research almost everyday. I am constantly reading about the subject everyday. I jsut wanted to know what type of majors would fit me and in what field exactly. I would appreciate it guys. Thank you so much.

  2. well... with the online certification sb these days ... you can always get a job at a gym .. but ... that would just be a starter ... I would get into Sports Management!

  3. Exercise physiology, Kinesiology, physical therapy, become an EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic....just like me...hehehe)..just to name a few
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. I was looking into the same things as well. I figured a lot of people are doing the PT thing now, so its probably not a good choice. I also looked into being a dietician, nutritionist, etc. But, the pay was not too good unless you work for a clinic, lab, etc. compared to the amount of schooling you have to go through. But bump on the sports management, I know a lot of people who are into that and really like it.

  5. I'm an Exercise Science/Health Promotion major. It helps me out a lot with nutrition, kinesiology, etc. Fun Stuff!

  6. Originally posted by Lifeguard
    Exercise physiology, Kinesiology, physical therapy
    These are the ways to go. However, a bachelor's degree in one of these fields will only do so much as they are rather achievable.

    A wiser choice is to continue studies in one of those fields towards a Master's or PhD. Keep in mind, Master's and PhD programs are MUCH different from undergrad work. If you struggle in undergrad, then a higher degree is most likely not for you. I am not trying to bring anyone down, just stating the facts.

    Good luck with your studies, work hard and it will pay off.

  7. bump for Whale, he's got a lot of those "papers."
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    I just wanted to say thanks to those that replied and for doing it so fast. If people have more suggestions or can explain what some of the above majors/careers entail it would be appreciated. This is very important to me as a very confused college student.

    Congrats to all the new MODs and how do u achieve that status on the board? What does a mod do?

  9. Strength and Conditioning coach would be pretty cool, but you need at least a Masters if you wanna work with a pro or top college team. There is a growing field in Adapted Physical Education if you're into that as well. Solid pay, and many opportunities.


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