Internet filtering WTF??

  1. Internet filtering WTF??

    this might not be a world topic, but in Australia they want to introduce a general filter for the internet!! this could be the end as we know it, no more downloading illegal content and all the sick sh*t we go online for and lets face it Kevin Rudd is a douche bag and doesnt have balls, so he'll probs block out some of the best porn life has to offer aswell.. and its all for the "children"..

    how about not buying them a computer or installing the internet nanny of something, what a step backwards in the freedoms we australians have as it is..

  2. And this is why the interwebs have proxies.

  3. dpfisher
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurruptive View Post
    he'll probs block out some of the best porn life has to offer aswell.. and its all for the "children"..
    Are you implying child porn is best? Dude, gross...

  4. China does it... the only next logical move is The land down under of course. Look up the Great Firewall of China.

    Interesting stuff.

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  5. not sure if it will work for you but at work most website are blocked and I use proxy sites to get around them, but I am sure since ur govnt is implementing this they will take steps against this and prolly even make it a crime to get around their filter... sucks

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  6. australia seems to be headed more and more towards communism lately.....
    between the import customs being locked up tighter than (insert favorite pun here)
    and filtering the internet??????

    wow.... seriously... if US tried to filter the net... id move asap.... i dont need big government stepping in and monitoring my web usage.

  7. apparently over in the UK the ISP Orange has blocked thepiratebay but i can still use it fine and i'm with Orange lol, suckers!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dpfisher View Post
    Are you implying child porn is best? Dude, gross...
    hahaha no man! i meant kevin rudd's doing it to protect the children from the porn and what not.. but i can totally see how it looks that way


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