ISP Service for $5.95 a month

  1. ISP Service for $5.95 a month

    Hey guys .... if you are looking for a good, reliable, cheap ISP that offers unlimited time, I've got to tell you about Access4Less.

    First of all, I do not work for them, I do not receive anything from them for this, and I am not pimping them but wanted to share with all of you guys.

    My wife and I found out about them in December of 2001 and have been using them ever since. Access4Less is owned by Hawk Communications and they offer unlimited service for only $5.95 a month. There is a one time setup fee of $8.00 but if you use the link I've provided, they will waive that $8.00 fee.

    Oh yeah ... and you can choose to either download their small dialup program, or you can DUN them. The DUN is the way to go, IMHO.

    Anyway ... hope this saves some of you some money.

  2. Kewl...I'd use if I didn't already have broadband...

  3. I'd love to have broadband, but I'm a cheap MOFO.

  4. Heh, you should try it for a month you won't go back...

    dialup SUCKS

  5. Broadband isn't available in my area, but I use  Same idea, but I can buy 1 more can of tuna a month.

  6. Originally posted by khafra
    Broadband isn't available in my area, but I use  Same idea, but I can buy 1 more can of tuna a month.

    Yep, that's definitely what it's all about. Being able to have that extra cash to spend on more tuna.

  7. that is the truth, once you go broadband you never go back!!!! i was just like everyone else thinking ol dialup was ok for me, but damn broadband just takes you into another world. **** the $20 dollars a month your saving (im not a rich man either), no man deserves to not have it, its truly a blessing! its like the difference between color tv and black and white.

  8. its more like the difference between the 1950s black and white tubes

    to a new 60" Plasma HDTV TV with progessive-scan DVD and a Bose Lifestyle surround system


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