How much muscle can expect to lose after surgery?

  1. How much muscle can expect to lose after surgery?

    I am considering having surgery in December, but the main reason why I don't want to is because I am so afraid of losing LBM. I will probably need about 4 weeks off from the gym (I can't even miss 1 day without getting pissy), and I'm curious how much LBM I can expect to lose. Post surgery I plan to eat my face off and drink several protein shakes a day. Any other advice from people who have been through a surgery? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Expect to lose a fair amount of LBM. However, gains should return quickly from muscle memory. there is not much you can do to avoid it.

    Surgery and healing properly should be your priority. Muscle can be built again. Get your health in order, you only get one body.

  3. yea you are definitely gonna lose quite a bit since your not gonna be able to eat as much and even when you are able to eat as much youll prolly start gaining a lil fat.. so what i would do if i were you is just when you get out of surgery, just make sure your getting your 5 meals a day and make them small healthy portions, keep the fat off of you..

    when you hit the gym a month later your body should respond very well and you should lose a lot of fat in the process..

  4. To keep as much LBM as possible, hit up arginine and creatine hardcore. These will help you keep more hard earned muscle than normal. Also, look into ART (active release therapy).

  5. damn bro i asked this same question and got no help. glad to see some feedback from your thread though. i ripped a tendon earlier this year right after a cycle and came back pretty strong from it. still not where i was but i'm close. also just had carpal tunnel surgury on both hands last week, 11/20/03, and i am trying to eat clean with minimal fat. also taking glutamine, creatine, protein shakes.

    good luck bro!



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